Who Is Winning the Current-Generation Console War?

Which Game System Is Winning the Console War in 2014?

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  • PlayStation 4

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  • Wii U (lol)

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  • They're all losing to mobile/PC games

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Professor E. Gadd

Well-Known Member
Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
Now that both Xbox One and PS4 have a solid 4-5 months under their belts, who do you guys think is winning? In Japan of course, the winner is Sony, since Microsoft doesn't compete there (and neither does Nintendo, sigh), but what about the United States, Europe and other places in Asia?
I don't know about any sales, but I feel like the Playstation 4 will win this decade. I think the Xbox One really screwed themselves over with how they wanted to design their console.
I kind of feel like things have not fleshed themselves out enough to really judge. Something is going to accompany one of these consoles that blows the other one out of the water. I'm just unsure of what that will be and who will be releasing it. Could be an unforgettable game. Could be Project Morpheus. :ph34r:
I couldn't say right now - Nintendo isn't doing the best right now (although it's not a complete failure as of yet). The other two consoles are mostly at the same level, except that apparently the PS4 has sold twice as many as the Xbone. Still with Titianfall out the Xbone might catch up - and then again with som e of the PS4's best games yet to drop it might pull further ahead (I will have the Order... oh yes). So still too early I think.
Gamers are sick of the xbox one consoles not working. So I don't see any reason for the xbox one to be in this war. they lost already. Nintendo Wii U has more games coming, and the PS4 is the same crap has the PS3,PS2 & PSX. Nothing new.
Can I ask where you're getting your information regarding the Xbone not working? I haven't heard anything regarding that and you'd think that'd be a pretty huge story. As for Sony - considering the PS2 is like the most successful console ever... they don't really need to change all that much.
If you tell me where you are getting your information.
Seven of my friends bought the xbox one. and all seven of the consoles refuse to work. My friends called me up to see if I can fix the consoles myself. So I drove over to my friends house to meet them all with my tools, to see if I can repair there consoles. After 5.4 hours trying to figure out a solution to fix these overprice paperweights. my friends said F**k it. We just need to return them for a PS4 And the Wii U. I get my source from magazines and people that I talk to.
NintendoCosmos said:
If you tell me where you are getting your information.
There's really no reason to be rude.. He was just asking where you got your information. He is probably curious as to the fact that if this is happening to a lot of different Xbox One gamers that Microsoft would have commented on this by now.
Even though I'd rather have a Wii U than anything else, I must say that Playstation wins the console war.
This doesn't mean the downfall of others, just that PS4 offers a better experience.

I prefer PC gaming for now. One day I'll get a WiiU maybe :lol:
Sony copies Nintendo on everything they do. Nintendo comes with the Rumble pak for the N64. So Sony made PSX controllers that have rumble inside of the controllers. Nintendo came out with the Wii and the motion controls. Sony copies Nintendo with the PS Move. (And the PS Move controller looks like a dildo, No pun intended) Nintendo comes out with the Wii U with a Gamepad with a tv screen. Sony copies Nintendo again with the tv screen on the PS4 controller. Nintendo makes & Sony copies and paste.
I prefer PC gaming for now. One day I'll get a WiiU maybe :lol:

You forgot to use the mandatory - "PC Master Race" hashtag. They've ejected people for far less good sir. Anyway, I would advise the WiiU because like the Vita it's a great experience where you know... it has games. Hopefully the library will grow enough that people will realize that. Still I'm getting a PS4 to go with it.
I don't think there is anyway that anyone could say that a console other than the PS4 is winning the console war. It got off to way to big of a head start an even with the Xbox One outselling it this holiday season. The Xbone outselling the PS4 was not by a huge margin and was mainly brought about by a major price cut. Even after that the PS4 is still ahead by a few millions sales.
well right now PS4 has the edge, but problems with PSN can change that. Though PS4 is getting some exclusives in the next month or so that could be system sellers, I am not even sure what is coming out for Xbox outside of games that are coming to PS4 as well. Wii U, i know this is a Nintendo forum, but they really are going to always be in 3rd. I am one that has said that I wouldn't mind seeing Nintendo focus on handhelds more and maybe do console games on Xbox or PS4 if not both, blasphemy i know.
I think the PS4 has the advantage due to long selling franchises signing with them (Sony being one, after Microsoft pissed them off) and the fact most of Xbox Users are still on the 360 and not the Xbox 1, is a big holding back point. And the limited selection of awesome games from one to another changes too, as I have friends who own both and I can honestly say Ps4.
Well, now that we're nearing the end of 2015 it's pretty much certain that Sony's PS4 is winning the console race. There's no going back from that. Recently released figures that Nintendo Wii U only sold 10 million units put the system dead last. Mobile devices are the other big winner, particularly those that support the Android platform. However, those cater predominantly to the very casual gamer and not the enthusiast.
Ps4/Xbox1/WiiU. So it's safe to safe Sony crushed it right now. That's not to say it couldn't shift, but that would require lots of work from both Microsoft and Nintendo to step their games up, wow us E3 2016 or something, or release something between then-and-now to get them back in the black, and not the red.

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