Who is your favorite character from the Mario universe?


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Jan 23, 2014
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Super Mario games provide a wide range of characters. From Toad to Bowser, you can see many types of personalities, and I suppose we all have our favorites.

So who is your favorite character?
If you mean my profile pic, thanks! :) I sketched it myself!
I will have to agree. Yoshi is by far my favorite character. I loved it when I got a Yoshi way back in Super Mario World and would keep that Yoshi forever if possible. In the Mario Party games I always play as Yoshi. If I don't, I can't win. It is Yoshi all the way!
Ha! Yeah, I am always Yoshi in Mario Kart! I have loved him since I was little!
I was always Yoshi during Mario Kart as well. That is, if my brother let me.
I won't disagree I really think that yoshi is the Boss!
I'm not sure if we're counting the North American Super Mario Bros 2 as being part of the proper Mario Universe, but Mouser was actually my favourite Mario character during my childhood. I'm not sure if I can really elaborate as to why, I just thought he was particularly cool for whatever odd reason. :cool:


If we're ruling out the characters who only appeared in that one game, then I'll change my answer to Wario! Wario ties with Bowser in terms as being a great villain to serve as a major recurring big bad, but then nudges out Bowser and takes the lead because he was so fun to play as "the hero" of the Wario Land games! ;)


(I apologize for any and all nightmares that the above picture of Wario may induce!) :eek:
My favourite is Mario for a number of reasons. He is the first video game character I was ever introduced to, so he holds a special part in my child hood. I love the classics and he is as classic as it gets.
When I was a kid it was Peach. Mainly because she was the only female character, at the time, on Mario Karts. Then, I got annoyed with the amount of times she's gotten taken in games. -.- After that, it was Daisy. She was another female character, a princess, but she had spunk and was tomboyish. I loved that they had a princes that didn't follow the same type of protocol of the typical prim and proper. She was my favorite until Rosalina came out and won my approve with being an elegant, classy lady...WHO WAS THE QUEEN OF THE GALAXY! Also, she has a cute little star friend. ^_^
Being that I am a younger brother, I would always have to play as Luigi when my brother and I would play Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. I got so attached to Luigi that I would try to plug in my controller to the second port when I played alone (I don't remember it ever working though). When I would play Mario Party or Mario Cart, Luigi would be my go to character. He always seemed more balanced than Mario ever was.
I used to play two player by myself so I could have double the lives and get to play as more than one character when I played Super Mario World. I also got to have double the Yoshi which was definitely a plus. Out of both Mario and Luigi, i'm not really that fussed as to which one I play. I just wanted to get Yoshi.

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