Who knows this game? Help!


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Mar 26, 2021
Super NES
Hi all,

I'm searching for an aperently rare title I found by accident and cannot find it anymore.

I watched several videos on YouTube dedicated to "Hidden Gems" or "Japan Only" games but without any success.

I'm pretty sure that it had a japanese name with two or more words.

In this game you are some kind of a mechanical dragonlike thing which flies or floats in any direction you want to. You see it from the side and it's a little bit animated like the Great Viper/Dragon Worm in Secret of Mana. So this dragon-robot-thingy (DRT) consists of several round sprites which are following each other and alter in distance and position to each other depending on your speed and moving direction but is ment to be one shape. The DRT can spit flames and do other stuff iirc. It looks really cool and japanese; not that kind of SNES game made for young children. The colors are not especially dark or bright. To me they looked very tastefull and cool. Iirc the background of the first level was a darker red.

Sorry for this poor description but I'm no native snglish speaker and only saw this game a few minutes at all and months ago.

I hope some one can identify the game by this decription.
For those who don't know what the Dragon Worm was animated like I add a drawing:

Nope, good luck finding it, drawing and description are good but more details help

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