Who remembers GameShark?


Jan 13, 2015
I don't have an N64 anymore (wish I did) but I had one as a kid, and one of my fondest memories was messing around with games using the GameShark. This was a cartridge that you put in the N64, connecting the actual game cartridge to the top, then either entered long strings of code found online or selected from preset codes to basically hack the game in various ways.

Some were obvious cheats, like zapping you instantly to the final boss battle, or giving you infinite health. Others just did visual things, like making everything in Super Mario 64 covered in animated rainbows or changing the color of Link's tunic in Ocarina of Time. I remember I really liked the OoT code that made Link fly, because you could make him go to otherwise unreachable parts of the game.

Did you ever use a GameShark on your N64? What was your favorite cheat?
wish ida had that, I'm so old we had Game Genie, for NES id make Mario jump over the levels, fly through them, have unlimited star-power, etc. Good times
I remember it. I used it for fun after I beat games down. I eventually sold it off to one of my friends who was struggling for the game "1080 snowboarding" which was one of the best trades ever. That game was bomb fun. Many hours had.
Aww, this bring me back to a time when in order to cheat within your game you would have to buy a book of cheats or a cheat cartridge. See how the internet has ruined it for these innocent companies trying to make ends meet?

We primarily used the GameShark for GoldenEye. As if playing each other in multiplayer were not frustrating enough we had to take it to the next level with cheating.
It's true. I loved using the GameShark for GoldenEye, I won't lie. From Pain to Big Head mode to Flying Around... it was fun to mess around with settings, I can't lie. I never cheated with people around though. Unless it was harmless like Paintball mode.
GameShark was pretty cool. It was just a copy off of Game Genie. Goldeneye had to be the best shooter game out for the longest time. Oddjob was the character if you wanted to duck under everyone's karate chops.
I never owned a GameShark but I remember all the crazy advertising they would have in various game magazines. The general consensus back then was that if you were a hardcore gamer, you would not use such a device. Most of us ardent game enthusiasts would work our way through each game as the developers intended. I also don't think most of the games that came out during that era were that difficult, definitely not by 8 & 16-bit standards.
I remember Game Shark. I wasn't much of a fan. It's always more fun when the games are a challenge, and you aren't using unlimited life codes. Do you guys remember Game Genie for Nintendo?

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