Who would want to see more depth in the combat?


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Jul 30, 2013
By this, I don't mean the special attacks or motion controls. What I mean is, no zelda has really been any more advanced than simple slashes, thrusts, and swipes. Granted, its true Links in general have been called to action from fairly non-combat roles and likely have had no formal training, but how about a Zelda where that's true?

Maybe one where Link was already an accomplished rogue or swordsman, and had his own set of sword combos or flourishes to tackle a more complex variety of foes? Besides stealth sections additions (I really liked how Windwaker and Skyward Sword added these), I also liked it when link could pick up and use enemy armaments (incidently also both from Windwaker and Skyward Sword). It would be awesome if not only Link could improve his gear but also his combat finesse, maybe through tech trees. I am all for mixing in a little Zelda 2 and adding really challenging foes and dungeons to justify an action RPG framework.

What would want to see improved in the combat?
I've always wanted this, and the closest the series has come to this is Majoras mask. Link in Majora's mask is completely badass. Having these things though might ruin the game a bit, but we never know.
Depends - since this is an Nintendo IP this means it's going to be on the WiiU or 3DS. Imagine this on the WiiU or the 3DS - is this still a game you want to play? Because on the WiiU while you will have the option of a tablet or an older control or whatever - at the end of the day Nintendo tends to focus on the system and it's innate specifications. As for the 3DS? It might work out or it might not - sometimes the controls are a bit hit and miss with this sort of thing. Of course, I'm probably just being a Negative Nelly - they are bringing Bayonetta to the system and Bayonetta combat depends more on strategic usage than on button-mashing. We'll see about that. So yeah.
I think that the combat has always been quite average in the Zelda games, it was always more about careful planning to defeat bosses, but fighting your average run of the mill mobs was just pretty boring. I'm not entirely sure how I would like it too look , but I feel like the system could be more complex rather than button mashing.
I hear what you're saying and it makes a ton of sense to me. Bosses always required a little more effect, but killing normal enemies became mundane because it was just slashing. That's why I liked Ocarina of Time a bit more. I thought the targetting ability made it a bit more unique because you could trigger different animations and fighting styles while locked in.

Also with that in mind, maybe they should make normal encounters a bit harder. On most Zelda games you could truly just walk around swinging and not have to worry about dying. I think amplifying that a bit and have it to where walking around the world is tough (as it would be if this were real) would make even the easiest battles test you
I think it would make the combat a little better but at the same time I can't help but think what if that ruins the entire game? I have always loved the combat the way it is, I like how simple it is as it lets me just kill enemies and then get on with exploring, as that's the part of Zelda games that appeals to me the most. However, I do agree with the poster above me, they should make normal encounters a little bit harder instead of changing the combat. It is very easy and to be honest it's very very rare that I ever die.
I would like to see the combat system evolve, but I wonder if it would effect the target audience negatively. Zelda has never really been about in depth combat; more about puzzles; adventure, and finding the "trick" to defeat a boss.
just the slight leveling up weapons in SS and ALBW is enough extra to add to the game. it really gives you a reason to seek out more rupees, and makes it more rewarding
I would really like to see a combat system akin to what is in the Demon Souls. A roll button and endurance stat maybe and more sophisticated parrying would be absolutely awesome.

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