Whoop Whoop Switch Announcement


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Apr 13, 2016
Wii U
So much new information... but no preorders yet (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Preorders in NYC this weekend.
The announcement made me feel bittersweet. I have a few concerns, yet I will be getting one and am pretty happy to learn so much about it.
Long post, here we go:

I’m not sure the Japanese businessmen are enthused by this music video.
Release date is March 3, 2017. Figured mid-march at earliest.
$300 is the lowest I realistically expected it. Would have loved lower, but I doubted it would go below 300.
Using a smart device app to handle voice chat and other stuff seems smart for Nintendo. Less load on the system and OS, for less lag.
Only free for a few months. Sucks, but I expected it. Hopefully it doesn’t cost much, and it means their online is faster and more stable.
No region locking. I don’t care, but I’m sure many people consider this a god send.
Previous console DNA. Switch confirmed result of an orgy that the GBA wasn’t invited too.
2.5-6.5 battery life. Not great, but USB batteries can charge it on the go thankfully.
Up to 8 player local multi is surprising.
“My name is Yoshiaki Koizumi and I am the Japanese Godfather”
“This joycon has the A B X Y buttons, and this joycon was in my hooker last night”
Screencap (and later video cap) is possible. Neat.
“The red pill or the blue pill”
Come to think of it, I’m surprised no one has upgraded rumble tech in a while.
@16:28 “And now I am your god”
1-2-Switch – I don’t care
“Hello, I am Kouichi Kawamoto, and I do not know how to dress myself. Please send help.”
Arms – it exists, and it doesn’t look bad, but I probably won’t buy it
Splatoon 2 – Could have named it SplaTWOn. Total missed opportunity. 0/10 literally unplayable. I’ll have to see what my backlog is like when it comes out.
This poor translator. This is only the beginning for him.
Mario Odyssey – It took many years, but they are finally going to release a videogame adaptation of the Mario bros movie. But in all seriousness I don’t care enough about Mario to have an opinion. Not til holiday 2017 is…surprising.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – I was not expecting this. At all. Not fond of the full-on anime artstyle personally, but I can roll with it. As long as the game is as good as the last two, I’ll enjoy it immensely. Nintendo says it’s coming out this year. That’s bullshit and they know it.
FE Warriors – About freaking time. When Hyrule Warriors came out, I thought FE would be the perfect choice for a warriors game.
Dragon quest – I don’t care
SMT game – is that a power rangers villain near the end?
Octopath Traveler – Lot of RPG’s on this console. Are these exclusive?
Sega – this translator, you can tell the nerves are getting to him
Skyrim – this game is getting trotted out to die. Who will actually buy this? If you wanted to play it, you already have. You should have chosen something else to port Bethesda.
Suda51 being Suda51 – I legit feel sorry for the translator at this point. I really can’t mock him. He’s just too nervous to concentrate.
No More Heroes 3? Curious.
EA – Here is our token “we don’t totally hate Nintendo” game. Bill Trinen showing how he earns his paycheck, looking smug while he waits.
Sizzle reel – I saw too many too late ports, but there was a little new stuff.
Zelda – That trailer was pretty good. It got me a little hyped. Voice acting and more story confirmed.

Other stuff aside from main presentation:
MK 8 Deluxe – hey look, an actual battle mode!
Fast RMX – I enjoyed fast racing neo for what I played, and this dev puts in serious work for their size

My brother and I made a LOT more inappropriate sex jokes during it, but I’ll spare you those.

All in all, it was a better presentation than I thought it would be, but I came in with very low expectations. I have preordered a switch and Zelda, but I did consider not getting it at launch.
i suppose there might be people who just own nintendo products so have not expirienced skyrim. also iv only played first xeonoblade chronicles. i wasnt sure about anime at style at first but then it grew on me quite quikley. will have to wait and see some more footage. im also sure it will be delayed
I'm buying Skyrim Switch, and am pretty serious about this buying decision on it.
yeah it would be cool to play on switch. if i didnt already have it on pc i would definatley get it on switch
.............Think that Super Bomberman R will be $60, or think it's just a placeholder price?
it probably will be that price. but thats just my opiniion and it dont mean its gonna be

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