Who's buying or will buy Kirby Planet Robobot?


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Apr 13, 2016
Wii U
It comes out tomorrow in NA and EU regions, and a day later down under.
Anyone? this game is pretty fun.
I might! I loved the kirby series, but sadly there's not a lot of flex in the budget right now. I'll probably end up picking it up at the tail end of the month when I do my trade-ins and exchanges :)
It is worth every penny. Even with the shitty exchange rate. It is as awesome as Triple Deluxe, if not better.
My brother just got in it for his birthday today. Havent/hasnt played it yet.
Is it my imagination or is Susie getting demoted every time we beat her?
I want to get it....just waiting for the time when my dad will go to the store as I get games from him only majority of the times.

I only pray that this is the best platform game the 3DS has to offer because the 3DS lacks a lot of platform games besides the VC and some eshop exceptions.
Well I happen to love Kirby as a character and most of the games that are his, but I cannot say that I have really given this one any good thought about whether or not I am going to get it. I am kind of in a bit of tough spot financially now, though, and unfortunately it is affecting my gaming life a little more than I thought. I am okay, I just need to be a little smarter about making sure that I get worth out of what I buy.
It is an awesome game. if you can afford it I do recommend getting it.
well i got it for Christmas and went right on through it. Yes its an awesome game. It seemed a little short, but with all the unlocked extra games it more than made up for it. The MetaKnightMare was awesome. This wasn't my first Kirby, but it did remind me of how much fun they are. Ive missed out on too many. I found it more fun than Mario in a lot of ways. There's a lot of thinking and fighting to be done.

And i only lasted 4 minutes in True Arena, so yeah. I'm content with that

^ Have you played Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, or Kirby Triple Deluxe? Both really good games as well.
@Shane after this game, i will be backtracking. The only Kirby's i have is the wii compilation disc and the one with Prince Fluff. The wonder of discovering secrets and the fighting really brings a lot of strategy to the table Mario lacks. Not knocking my plumber but I'm really having a blast with Kirby.

Triple Deluxe was 3ds right?
Yeah, Triple Deluxe was 3DS. Triple Deluxe is very about fighting, while the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U) I mentioned is kind of like a Donkey Kong Country style exploration game that uses the stylus. Both really fun.
^ Have you played Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, or Kirby Triple Deluxe? Both really good games as well.

Triple Deluxe is decent...but not anywhere better than Planet Robobot. I really prefer the later because of how less cryptic 100% in that game is and that you also can find out whether you got specific goodies in this level or not unlike in Triple Deluxe which just doesn't do that forcing the player to play the same level over again just to find those damn rare keychains.
@Artwark thanks for that, I'm a collector so that would irk me. I noticed that when i went through Meta Knightmare, the few stickers i didn't have, i found. I will be looking into Rainbow Curse, i just worry i wont like the stylus controls. Thats why i don't have it yet actually. Have you tried it? It looks awesome

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