Why are people so determined to diss the 360?

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Feb 18, 2013
It's weird sometimes how like acclaim or respect the 360 is given. I mean yes I get that there were intial issues, but at the same time the 360 was the first out of the box. On top of that it had the decency to admit to the issue and free of charge replace or repair any issues up to a limit. How many can say that? Further it has one of the biggest libraries out there and (I will never cease bringing this up) the Platinum Hits editions which usually include DLC along with the game. As a fairly cheap (it's all relative) gamer that's something I really appreciate. I don't know. The 360 is my favorite followed by the Wii so I don't know.
I wouldn't worry about what other people think about it. If you like the system that's all that matters. I'm in Japan where everyone looks at me like I'm crazy if I mention I have a 360. Some other Americans over here can be pretty condescending
about it too.
Yeah, I do have to agree with you. So long as you like to device then it shouldn't matter what others think about it. I'm sure that there are people out there who think people are weird for liking the PlayStation. I mean it's all about what you like. I think that too many people are worried about what others are going to think of them. You shouldn't, it doesn't matter what they think.
I love all systems, I consider myself a "Gamer" and not a fanboy of consoles. I don't hold one with loyalties over the other. I simply go where the games are.

And I can definitely say that the Xbox gets the most hate out of any consoles just because of their playerbase 80% of the time (20% of the time it's microsoft's fault for failing something) - it's a mixture of whiny and annoying kids on headsets teabagging you while trying to act superior. Probably why it gets hate. But that's just on the online, and only on some games. Some have nice communities too. But the few unfortunately spoil it for the majority.

I think that's why it draws that much negative attention. And this is an unbiased look from most perspectives. I've been online on Sony's PS Network and Online with the WII, and both of them have nicer communities overall (or at least more helpful ones) and a lot less kids (aside from the WII, which that was really designed for)
Yeah, I have to agree with that. It is annyoing playing online and then having to listen to listen to all these little kids talk about your mom and all that. I just hate it. And also when they finally get a kill how they act. I mean I'm sure that's why the Xbox does get a bad rep. I mean it stinks that it's like that, because the Xbox is a good system.
I don't own a Xbox 360, primarily because of it's high failure rate. However, I do acknowledge that it had a strong showing in the previous generation and a diverse library of games. It certainly is a good console but it's appeal is mostly to folks who enjoy Western-developed games i.e. FPS shooters. While some notable Japanese games were also released on the console it just wasn't on par with what the PS3 got. It ultimately comes down to peoples tastes and what types of games they enjoy playing.
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