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Jul 17, 2014
Is anyone else disappointed in the selection of platinum and gold gifts for club Nintendo? I bought a whole bunch of games so I could get platinum status, only to find my only options for gifts are games I have or games I can't play. Why couldn't we get something cool like, I don't know, another soundtrack or a plushie or something. I kinda feel like club Nintendo isn't worth it when bad gifts like these come out. But that's just my opinion. How do you guys feel about these gifts?
although i love little rare collectables such as last years Majora's Mask Soundtrack, I'm loving the selection of games. i can't really complain, we got Pikmin 3 for buying MK8, and now I'm looking at Game and Wario or nes remix. that's a free 60$ game,and possibly another 15 to 40$ game. this is way better than it used to be. i read somewhere it's all digital gifts from here on

i do feel your pain though
Meh, it depends on where you are really. The US version is miles and away better than the UK version if I recall, since you actually get, well, games. We used to, and possibly still do, only have the options for notebooks and stickers. Oh and a wallpaper.

It's like it's 1998 or something.
wow, now I'm really fired up i got MM soundtrack. id speculate that this has to be cheaper for Nintendo to, rather than create cool statues and ship them out.

i graduated in 98 btw, it wasn't a bad year

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