Why do you think the Nintendo 3ds is not selling so well since Christmas?


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Feb 7, 2016
I myself love the New Nintendo 3ds but for some reason it isn't selling that well. Maybe it needs a must to own game to spike the sales.
its my all time fav anything (console or otherwise). i have the first one that came out, the New XL that i still can't find covers for, and my daughter has an older XL. Every single game i've played for it has been stellar, and each one is better than the last. i have absolutely no complaints at all. To answer your question, i really don't know. I'll say this though: I'm not getting into button mashers on my precious, so SSB and Hyrule Warriors are out. Theres no shortage of awesome RPGs though.
I have SSB and I will be getting Hyrule
Warriors. I will be gentle as possible. I have a custom skin for my new XL and also on top of that a transparent plastic armor cover. Every game has been fantastic indeed. I'm looking forward to the Dragon Quest games coming this year. I love them RPGs also.

I remember back in the Nintendo DS days I was afraid of scratching the bottom screen. There were certain games that were brutal to the system bottom screen such as Wario Touch , Metroid Hunters and a few others forgot about. I kept thinking oh my poor screen..lol!
Is Hyrule warriors on the 3ds? Wow, I've been out of the loop on that stuff. That's what happens when you're grinding competitive Melee though.

I honestly love my 3DS and need to get into buying more games. I'm planning on grabbing those virtual releases of classic pokemon games and then Pokemon Sun and Moon. Dragon Quest is a great series too, I've also got to go do some speed runs on KH: Dream Drop Distance at some point. Honestly, the 3DS has a lot of great titles. I wonder why it doesn't have more sales most of the time. The compatibility with Wii U games has been pretty cool and I loved all the base software that came with the device.

If I was going to try and brainstorm something that I wanted for it... it would probably be to through out a wild, perhaps risky title, like an F-Zero game or a Starfox game. If you could push the limits of the 3DS with one of those smaller series I think that it would create a lot of interest. Heck, if I was going to be completely selfish I would say to give me a new Earthbound installment and watch the cult classic sell like crazy. On paper the 3DS has so much to offer.
@Shiftrex there is a new Hyrule Warriors for the 3ds, I've put my time in on the wii u version so i think I'm good. Im about to start Yokai Watch, just finished MM3d(awesome), and i saw Bravely Second is coming. Top that all off with some DQ, and I'm sure they will sell a few more 3ds's. EVERY game i've played has been polished to the T and very fun
Bravely second? As in the sequel to Bravely Default? wow, that sounds like a catch of a title. Yokai watch looked interesting but I just never stopped to pick it up.
Yokai Watch is a game I'm going to have to get eventually also. I just got Pokemon Yellow so I will be busy plus I'm playing more Fantasy Life. Busy busy busy. Lol!
Bravely second? As in the sequel to Bravely Default? wow, that sounds like a catch of a title. Yokai watch looked interesting but I just never stopped to pick it up.

yes its a sequel to Bravely Default. 'Nuff Said.

I started Yokai Watch last night, played and laughed for 3 hours straight and am already quite obsessed. I've never played a true Pokemon, but i am convinced now that i need to and would enjoy it.
Well, the global install base for the 3DS is 58.2 million, which is quite impressive. Maybe most everyone who really wanted one has already bought one and is happy with their current model. I personally never saw any reason to "upgrade" to the New 3DS XL. I toyed around with one that belongs to a friend of mine and felt it was inferior. The C-Stick is worthless, in my opinion. Memory is a pain in the butt to get to. The top half of the system is really wobbly and slides from left to right on its hinges a little too much for my taste and made it feel somewhat cheaply made. The faster processing is a plus but it really wasn't noticeable to the point that it was a game changer for me. And, to my knowledge, the only exclusive game for it is Xenoblade, which is a vastly inferior port. Nobody in their right mind should play that version if they own a Wii or WiiU. Then there's the whole fiasco of Nintendo deciding not to include a charger with it :/

I'd imagine a lot of core gamers who keep up with industry news and whatnot (who don't own a 3DS) are probably waiting to see what the NX is actually going to do on the portable gaming front, too, before buying a 3DS.

P.S. - I also have Yo-Kai Watch on my to-buy list.
Wow, I have a DS XL but not a 3DS XL. I've got my Year of the Luigi 3DS still. I never knew that Nintendo didn't include a charger with their 3DS XL.

I suppose waiting to see what the NX does is a good idea too but I've always just trusted nintendo and bought into their products. Never really been disappointed.
Yeah, I always have faith in Nintendo. I currently have the old school style NES edition 3DS XL and am completely happy with it.
Should post a pic of that, lol. It sounds sweet.
Wow, I am so jealous over here with my year of luigi 3DS. Even the carrying case looks sweet.
aw snap! yeah i can't even find cool covers for my new XL, those are awesome NES style! Its true, the hinges are loose, the c stick is kinda weird, although i used it constantly for Majora's Mask. I still love mine though
The hinges are pretty loose indeed and the little thumb stick (c stick) is so so. It works pretty good for Smash Bros though. Overall though I love the New Nintendo 3DS. All the new improvements make up for it. The only thing I can say I hate is the stylus that comes with it.

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