Why does this forum feel so dead?

discord really is what killed forums.
hi! I've been here for many years, and from what I've seen, it comes and goes in waves. Right now we seem to be getting a lot of new faces which is awesome. Glad to have you!
You're right, unfortunately. I signed up to this forum because I think the layout is brilliant and although their isn't much activity I still browse every now and then.

Hope everyone is well. :)
I made my account last year and noticed not much activity was occuring. Today after a bit over a year I remembered about this place (I miss the old official Nintendo forums) and I'm back. Diamond and Pearl are really taking me back. Going to try to post more frequently.
I also do not know. I even chose this forum because of the search engine. BTW, why is digitamamon mistaken for digi-egg. he chooses crue cooking with demidevimon's recommendation.

I'm cool to imagine salted-egg, by planting orange fruit