Why doesn't Duck Hunt work on LCD model screens?


Mar 16, 2013
I was over at my cousin's house and he just got a LCD television and we hooked up the NES to it. Upon doing so he put on the classic game of duck hunt and it did't work. Can anyone tell me why it didn't work?
Yeah that's something I always wondered about. I thought it just didn't work on my retroN3 then realized that the game didn't work on LCD screens. Really lame but I guess that's just one of those funky quirks....definitely a one in a million issue....
Wow, that is one in a million ay!
I was always and still am fascinated by how those light gun games work.

It still kinda puzzles me at how they figured it out and how the console knows whether I've hit a duck or not!

To be honest, I haven't researched it on purpose cause I know that finding out how it does it will probably ruin the magic of it for me.

I guess ignorance can truly be bliss after all...
The reason new screens don't work is because of how the old light guns were designed. They were designed to detect a certain bright light to count as a "hit". The targets would flash white when the trigger was pulled, and the older pixel screens would hit the required brightness to register as a hit target if the sensor inside the barrel was pointing at that flash at the time. That's why the games could be fooled into registering a hit when you aimed at a light bulb.

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