Why I'm a cat lover


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Feb 5, 2013

And here you thought this thread was going to be off-topic, huh? ;)

How many of you hated that stinkin' dog?
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I may of hated the dog ,but I loved the game. I remember getting that game in the fall of 1985 with my Nintendo Entertainment System.The dog in Duck hunt was infamous and an iconic character in the game.
Oh I absolutely loved the game, too.

I would get so frustrated with the dog laughing at me, after I had already felt crappy for failing in the first place, that I would go up to the TV and try to shoot him constantly, ha!
Yeah it sure does bring back memories of those classic type of games. My little brother and I got duck hunt with mario brothers in a two for one cartidge with our original NES. Him and I would play duck hunt on our little black and white t.v. we had in our room because our parents would never allow us to hook it up to the living room t.v.
Of all the times I tried shooting that dog. Anyways he was a big motivation for me. :p I would never let any ducks by cause I knew he would be there waiting. Seriously that dog's a jerk, were giving him free ducks and he laughs at us.

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