Why is the 3DS doing better than the Wii U?


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Jan 29, 2014
So I just read this article:

"For Nintendo, February brought some much-needed good news.

The Japanese game maker's latest big release, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for its 3DS portable game system, was the best-selling portable game in the franchise's history, according to industry watcher the NPD Group.

Majora's Mask grabbed the the No. 1 sales spot last month ahead of large console releases, including the shooting sci-fi game Evolve in the No. 2 spot and survival horror game Dying Light in third."

After Nintendo realized that the 3DS was going to have to make up ground for the Wii U do you think that contributed to exploring better games to fuel the sales? I think the Wii managed to sell pretty horrible games (M&M racing anyone?) & still control sales in the market. Maybe with the decline of the Wii U they realized great games can encourage console sales.
i honestly believe that people are so used to having phone/tablets in their hand that they are almost too lazy to put a console on (so the appeal of something smaller). Hope I'm not offending anyone, just how i feel. I've spent more time with my 3ds because i played rpgs, which take a while. Also, its hard to watch tv while a console is on. I think the wii u has awesome fun games, so for me the problem is not the content
Uh What? People are to lazy to put a console on????

Ok move on to something more understandable. Well the first thing that should hit you and always will for sane individuals is content. There is 50 amazing games people love for the 3DS and then 10 for Wii U (not exact numbers just example). Then over course the fact that 3DS is on the go can play anywhere in the house, but Wii U you need to be on whatever tv you have it connected.

Now will the fact that 3DS does better than Wii U make Nintendo realize they need better games on console? Most likely not. Nintendo has been doing the same things for years and mainly people are sold cause of the name and the main exclusives they offer once every 2-3 years, ex: Mario, Zelda, Metriod, Smash Brothers. They really need to invest in almost 3rd party exclusives or need other games to draw them to their consoles. I mean 3DS you already have 5-6 more games coming this year people want, but Wii U has mainly 2 I can think of that makes me even think of buying it.

Content is always if not most important than it is the 2nd or 3rd important thing a gaming system needs to address.
Sorry! i didn't mean any harm! Just going off of what i see around me. People are glued to their phones/tablets for whatever reason, so i think generally the console is appealing to less people. Not me! i think right now is the Perfect time to be a Nintendo fan. The only thing stopping me from buying up wii u games is money. So when VC games go on sale i get what i can to play later.

I get the third party argument. Id love to play some sports/wrestling games, but I'm having so much fun its not an issue
BTW, don't you just love the people who clown us for playing games when they are on their phone, playing games!
Uhhhh, because handhelds are obviously WAY cooler than consoles, DUH!

I personally think handhelds have to be replaced more than consoles. Not to mention, exactly how easy/possible is it to play multi-player on one DS? For a family with kids, you usually have to have an individual DS for each child to make it fair. Really I have married friends with out kids who have to have more than 1 DS, one for each so they can enjoy in their own time instead of having to share or take turns with their spouse.

Plus with the way today's economy is, having a mobile console is the way to go. You cannot easily have a Wii plugged into the car, for those who have attempted, I am sure they run into problems as travel is not always smooth. Also have to factor in that because of mobility ease, the DS is more prone to theft, damage, and getting "lost." As someone else mentioned, other's can watch TV or play at home console games while whoever wants to play their DS can. Convenience type thing for sure.

Ya sure there is a good game selection, but I feel the purpose of this handheld system is the biggest reason for its success. I really don't think PlayStation's handhelds could compare either. For those who are like me, I like to keep gaming to consoles and my phone to business. So without many decent challenges in the handheld gaming world, Nintendo will always do well in the handheld aspect.
All valid points, Pandabear. As for me, someone who gladly stays a 'generation' or two behind, it all works out perfectly. (IE: most consoles and handhelds that I tend to favor rarely break the $40-$70 mark.) Hell, neither my wife nor myself has even played on a Wii yet, let alone a WiiU; what is the real need? We have hundreds of PS2 and GC discs still yet to play!

I haven't had this happen yet, mind, but should one of my DSs buy the farm, I have plenty of others at the ready, always. :)

Regarding the PSPs, they are lovely systems for those that enjoy emulation. We always keep a half dozen or so around, stuffed with games, films, music, etc.
Really, Final Fantasy Crisis Core is the only game I have enjoyed on PSP. But I am sure this really broils down to personal preference in gaming.

I like to play the Wii, but mainly because it has physically active games. Otherwise, I personally would rather play on a handheld--which still requires more than one for multi-player use. It's just the type of game play and features that attracts others to the home-based consoles.

Personally, I can't stream that well from my Wii, I use a PlayStation3 or Xbox360 instead. I am looking to upgrade to a Wii-U soon, only because of the new games that will not be on Wii. I am hoping streaming will be much easier on my Wii-U though.

I will also be upgrading to a 3ds soon as well. I am having no luck with getting this baby oil out of my son's DS. Usually he is pretty good with his handhelds. This is just an unfortunate incident for us and I still have a 2DS so, I might as well upgrade.
Ahhhh, you silly kids and your 'streams', 'hi defs', and '360 Boxes'.....pshhhh, get offa my LAWN, all of ya!! <shakes fists/makes old man grimace>

Yeah, the PSP's in-house library might not be for everyone, but then again, I wouldn't know - I mainly use mine for 'other' games. ;)
Truth told, though, the PSP does have some real sweeties that I love: Symphony of the Night/Rondo of Blood combo, Taito collection, SNK collection, Untold Legends (JUST like the PS2 Baldur's Gate games!!), Powerstone collection, and a small pile of others.

Regarding your greasy DS issue, I have a couple spare Lites and maybe a few SPs, depending on what you/he are looking for.... ?
I don't know. I appreciate the offer I really do, and I may need to think about it awhile longer and get back to ya on it.

His birthday is in June and since we are trying to help shape him into the thought birthdays do not equal a dozen or so presents, we were going to let him pick a new 3ds at Toys R US and a new game. At the same time, he is grounded from my 2DS since he did neglect his DSi by leaving it in my sister's car (which is how baby oil covered the DSi, still not sure how that happened).

At the same time, its always good to have a backup DS. I don't allow him to take his new consoles to his Dad's or family member's houses. He has lost several in the past this way. Even though I would ask where they are upon picking him up, they were already lost. Which is why it is good for him to have the ones that are cheaper to replace. I'll have to get back to you on it though. Are the pictures posted in your "goodies" thread the only ones you have?
I agree that lost or damaged handhelds and the fact that Nintendo has been releasing newer models more often has a lot to do with driving sales. Good games and the mobility factor contribute as well but speaking from experience with my younger relatives and friends with kids, nieces, nephews, etc. almost all of them have either broken or lost a system or just had to have the newest model because all the other kids at school had it.
Well the DS has a LOT more games to choose from for starters. The Wii-U is also a foreign concept that is new to nintendo, but the DS name and concept has been around for years.
The 3DS has been doing better for the obvious reasons of being more convenient and having a larger selection of games. Those are two very important things that the 3DS has over the Wii U so this is not surprising.
The only and obvious reason is the games, a lot more to play on the 3DS than the Wii U which is just sad. Seems Nintendo really can't keep this balanced well which is something that needs to be fixed in the NX era.
The only and obvious reason is the games, a lot more to play on the 3DS than the Wii U which is just sad. Seems Nintendo really can't keep this balanced well which is something that needs to be fixed in the NX era.

also the different games: Fantasy Life, Bravely Default not Mario over and over.
The handheld and console markets are completely different. Nintendo have continuously been successful in the handheld market, no other manufacturer have ever come close in capturing this segment. Only mobile devices pose a significant threat and Nintendo will be entering that market in any case.

The console market is dominated by "dude-bro" gamers who only want to play FPS and 3rd-person shooters. Nintendo has not managed to connect with this market segment that's why the Wii only sold to casual gamers and the Wii U has done so badly. Casual gamers are now getting their gaming fix from mobile devices, that's why they didn't upgrade to Wii U's.
It's a simple formula of three pieces: price points, game library, portability.

When we look at price points, it's no doubt that a 3DS is more affordable than a Wii U. Not only is the system itself cheaper (esp if you buy one secondhand), 3DS games tend to be much cheaper as well. A parent looking for a game system for their child is automatically going to be looking at the more affordable option.

There's also no question that the 3DS has a much more developed and expansive games library, many of which are readily available through the e-shop. Those might just be the two biggest factors behind the 3DS's popularity.

Third, the 3DS can be taken anywhere. It's great for traveling, giving to kids to keep them occupied, taking to play between classes at college... gaming on the go / microgaming is such a huge part of gaming nowadays. I would bet that even most hardcore gamers have mobile games to play between doing things.

The Wii-U mainly flopped, in my opinion, because the hardware still isn't caught up to current gen standards and the games library is sorely lacking. You can have one of those without the other and still be successful, but you can't lack both and expect to sell well. The Gamecube was a fair contender well into its lifespan for the unique and interesting games it offered, plus its amazing first party titles. So far, the Wii U has mostly offered rehashed content or HD upscales of old games. Some of the really good games on Wii U are multiplatform as well. Not good for selling systems.

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