Why isn't this on the Xbone?


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Feb 18, 2013
So the name of the game is Contrast and I really want to play it. It comes from Focus Home and it not only touches on some of my favorite things (1920s-1940s, cel shade, poster aesthetics), but it also has an interesting concept. You have to rely on the shadows about in order to platform. And why are you doing this? To find out what’s up with Didi’s parents. Add in a great soundtrack and I am all about this game. The only question I have is why this game is for the PS3, PS4, and 360 – but not the Xbone?
Because no one likes the xbone... They probably hated its stupid policies and decided not to bother with a port.
Well I meant besides that... seriously though since it's on the Xbox 360 as well as the PS3 and the PS4 you'd think it'd also be on the 360. Then again apparently the Kinect included with the Xbone probably means having to include some kind of motion minigame or something. I'd probably skip it too to be honest.

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