Why Nintendo NX will be a Virtual Reality system


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Feb 17, 2015
Nintendo is at a weird spot in their console life cycle. What do I mean by that? Well they have been innovative over and over again, but last time they really won or was in that top spot in the console battle was days of NES... So with that said Nintendo needs to make a big splash with their new console, and why not go with a Virtual Reality console?

First reason why I think they need to be a primary VR system is to push the industry. Right now these systems are advance and outside of upgrading memory and graphics you wonder what more can be done. The industry needs one of the Big 3 to always push it with a new system, example Xbox with online play, PS3 with bluray, and Wii with motion controls. Sony and Microsoft didn't come out with anything revolutionary with their new systems so another push will be need, especially when NX will come out might be around same time the other 2 look at new consoles as well.

Secondly, Nintendo needs something to give them a edge in the next generation. Nintendo can go out and make a regular system with added VR system and a controller used system to play games on regularly. The problem doing that is both Sony and Microsoft have those consoles already. If you give more of the same who outside of hardcore Nintendo fans will buy your system? They need to commit to it and really with their motion controls you might be able to do a glove controller with headset, or for certain games have the camera and use the actual body as the control.

There of course are issues with doing pure VR system, controller price, how long can someone play, and can developers make games to use the system. But what else is there that really sparks something new? They can throw together a new system with stronger hardware and software, but will the outsell the other 2 plus push the industry? There is also the issue will it be kid friendly if need to buy 3-4 headsets for kids let alone space. But when being innovative you go through these issues and find those resolutions, and I think Nintendo will and the next Nintendo will be one for the Virtual Reality market.
The only problem I see with the NX being a VR unit, is that you go into a different price range and you cut out the party game atmosphere that Nintendo has been known to do, and is a big selling point in any game system. Imagine dance revolution and only one person can watch it going on. The fun factor is missing if you make it a single viewing game.
I'm pretty torn on VR. It's a concept that has been around since the late 80's and it just hasn't been able to get a foothold in the gaming market. I don't even know if PlayStation VR will catch on with the gaming public and that looks quite promising. I think the reason is that most people won't feel comfortable with wearing a headset and closing themselves off, from the rest of the world. The hardcore geeks will go for it, definitely. But I just don't see the mainstream appeal of virtual reality.
I'm thinking the same, where I don't know if I'm as interested in VR as I once was. I feel like the HDTVs of today give me such a clear, beautiful view that I'm not sure I need to go that extra step and wear some headgear. I just like sitting on my couch with a normal controller and playing games.

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