WHY Pokemon MOBA is a Good idea

Would you download Pokemon MOBA for free

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I think that it would be awesome, but the only thing that really came to mind was that it is not really in the spirit of the game, at least I would not think. MOBAs just tend to be a little more intense, but maybe that might be a good change of pace, and I think that the downloads would certainly still be there, and it would probably set records in its own right. Interesting idea, and thanks for sharing.
Hows it not in the spirit of pokemon? if there is still pokemon catching. The object of the game is not killing lane minions and destroying towers. Its about catching or killing pokemon, defeating opponents and ai jungle trainers. Also defeating gyms and the elite four. I don't understand how that's not pokemon spirit even if the battle tempo is still faster than turn based pokemon and slower than Pokken tournament pace.
wow I haven't reviewed this post in forever.. NX lmao no way its Nintendo Switch now. I feel like Pokémon Masters type of game would be a great addition to Switch. Using the controller design I made it would go together with switch handheld mode. You have hand held or you can slide a "PokeCon" on one of the sides to play. When you connect to console version you can pop in a pokechuck or use my pokeball controller design.
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Pokémon Masters...What a title for a game. So massive now that I think about it a game alone is to small to fit a whole world of trainers. Then I came up with a new Idea.... Pokémon Console, or PokeConsole, Nintendo PokeConsole, Nintendo Catch. WHATEVER the name maybe. For the direction Id want to go with this console is to be able to preform all intended functions and mechanics this Pokémon game would require. Handheld/Portable, online/multiplayer, co-op, internet/wifi, 4glte, Bluetooth, Motion Dectection, GPS, and VR;

I want this console to have the latest and greatest gaming tools today also new innovations being introduced to console. . For example--- Pokémon Go uses gps to beam signals back infroth from gps satellite to phone tower to phone to find pokemon in your area. by expanding on this I belive we could be able to use some sort of device that combines GPS and VR to create virtual reality projections infront of you. A Visual battle field infront of you and your challenger to compete against one another and just have fun with such an innovative design I believe Nintendo could pull off. Imagine you and your friend in the middle of a soccer field, battling with your pokemon somewhat visible infront of you. the ground looking like a Gym battlefield with a different terrain affecting the color of the grid that's projected from some portable part of your PokeConsole. For example, If you've been to a Dave'n'Busters or gaming Center there in a few on the ground a huge touch screen that you can interact with your feet and has 3D with various themed games to play. I believe there is a means to this kind of development to happen soon.

Although that could be a possiblilty in the future lets keep the raw playable version of this game fresh feeling like a normal pokemon game a moba mmo type of game
Interaction is a must for this game. Exploring all sorts of unique ideas that could be added to the game of Pokémon Master. Making training pokemon like caring for a real life warrior companion would keep the game exciting everytime you play and for a long time aswell. Youd have a hard time putting the game down to eat dinner. Whether its walking many miles uphill, or keeping your controllers charged, ingame achievements,-how you communicate and interact in game -to your pokemon, npc, and fellow trainers, will help you to become a Pokémon Legend.
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