Why Super Mario Run benefits YOU and why it's brilliant


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Apr 26, 2016
So we have just seen Nintendo's new Mobile game with Mario. We have seen Pokemon Go and Miitomo. There is a specific reason Nintendo is doing this. NX/3DS. let's take Pokemon Go. The thing is a smashing success but more importantly Go caused Pokemon on 3DS sales and pre orders to skyrocket. This is EXACTLY what Nintendo's plan is. This is their marketing strategy. This is how they gain back their Wii like audience. The twist is you have your casual Wii like stuff on hardware like Mobile Phones not the NX or 3DS. So you have your Wii Sports tier on iOS and Zelda or Xenoblade on NX. This also helps fund Bayonetta 3 or Metroid Prime 4. They rope the casuals players from Mobile into a fuller experience on NX. This is brilliant marketing.

Future games we know is something Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. My bet is Fire Emblem is a similar idea to Final Fantasy All the Bravest..except not shit. So it can bring more appeal to more niche series as well. Maybe a Xenoblade Go with collectables to rebuild your colony.Nintendo is not just aiming for a Hybrid system in hardware but in concept of who will be playing. That's the best gimmick they can use. This is FAR more important than whatever CPU or GPU it will have. DS and Wii will attest to that.
I sure wouldn't mind if the FE is just the TCG they released last year (and are apparently still making new cards for) but on a phone. It piqued my interest, but I certainly am not going cards I'll never use in a language I can't read.
I am confused now. Is this something you are proposing or something that is in the works? Maybe I did not take enough time reading the post, but going over it once was pretty much all over my head. I like all the talk about their strategy and it sounds like they know what they are doing, I just wish that I had a better idea now.
^ No I am not proposing anything. This is what Nintendo IS doing. This is their new marketing strategy. With DS and Wii they attracted casual people with games like Brain Age or Wii Sports. Problem is so many causal games came to the system "core" gamers largely put off. To top that off casual players are on smart phones now. So Nintendo is releasing smart phone games for causal players there. The casual games on smart phones make causal players interested in a richer experience hence why Go players pre ordered 3DS Pokemon. So Nintendo will cater to the casuals on Smartphones but cater to the core on NX but bringing IN the casual players to a core experience. The money from these mobile games can be used to fund Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3 or Xenoblade 3 or whatever they want.
Nintendo seems to be starting something good and interesting. The new Mario game looks really good and actually fun to play, I definitely want to give it atry, but seems like I'll have to wait until they release the "console", other than that, I will keep watching gameplay videos.
I've always been a fan of Mario games. In fact, that was the first game I ever played growing up. I love them and I think that they will be around forever and I will play them till I'm eighty. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels that way! Nintendo has a great marketing strategy and it looks like it's going to pay off.
I was discussing this with my boyfriend but we hadn't gone to that conclusion. Wouldn't you think, tho, that bringing in casual players will end up provoking what happened with the first wii? A lot of people bought it, but at the end of the day, you only appealed to casual players that lose interest quickly in buying more titles.
I think Pokemon go was a genius move. Maybe it was accidental to some extent. But, it has shown Nintendo what can be done with augmented reality games. Plus, it will bring back the "realism" focused core gamers to the ecosystem as well. Brilliant move on their part.
Thing is that I don't understand why Nintendo would want to expand to the mobile market so much....I mean just think for one second, if Metroid simply can't fit into a mobile device, then why would Nintendo ever want to make another Metroid game unless it can print them easy money like Mario and Zelda?

They have made Federation Force simply to appeal to the ones who haven't played Metroid and yet despite the game being good for what it is, it bombed hard.....so how would trying the mobile market simply make them put out Metroid, F-Zero and Star Fox in their dedicated gaming systems?

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