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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
Mario gets a lot of attention, but his poor brother is always getting the short end of the stick. In this video, we cover some of the reasons why we think Luigi totally beats Mario.

How do you feel about Luigi?

i feel great, got a Luigi amiibo for Christmas. He was long over due. I used to kill off Mario so i could beat SMB with Mr Green Jeans on occasion. Tell me y'all do don't the same!
To be honest I like to play with Luigi whenever I can and I don't know why, since I was little that I prefer Luigi over Mario. Of course there was all that "Luigi forever" on tumblr which was kind of annoying but I still love him ahah

Btw, is there a way we can watch that video? It was removed :(
I prefer Wario, Luigi and Mario!
Luigi is great! Whenever I have the option I will always go with Luigi. It is true that he is getting the short end of the stick compared to his famous older brother. Even in the 90s Mario movie Luigi is sub par compared to his brother, even in socioeconomic status and they have the same job! When I am playing Mario Kart I usually go with Bowser or Luigi, never Mario! Lets be honest green is so much better than red...
I personally think that most people love Yoshi more than Mario and Luigi at the same time, or at least I love Yoshi more than Mario and Luigi, however, most people tend to love Luigi because of his voice and the color of his clothes, apparently the green color is way more attracting than the red color, that's my opinion though.
I've never even played a game as Luigi character. Smash Bros, I never picked him because I just don't connect with that player, even after I unlocked him. I didn't like him in that Mario movie that came out sooooo long ago. I just don't really think about him.

I need to see some improvements in the way the character looks, I just see pedophile written all over his face, I think that's the problem.
I have always have a soft spot for Luigi. I am not sure why before, but lately I figured out why. Back when Super Mario Bros was all the rage in Super Nintendo, my cousins and I would compete who could beat a level faster/reach the next level faster/beat Bowser/etc

But I don't have a Super Nintendo, so I would went to their places and play with them. Remember that if two players play the game, player 2 would have a green palette swap of mario? Yeah, being the one with the second game controller, of course I would be the one playing as Luigi.

I didn't realize that was suppose to be the younger brother back then. I just think of it as the "Green Mario" that I would always get to control while my cousins get the "Red Mario". I guess when you spend a lot of time using the same avatar you would grew to be fond of that particular avatar?

So yeah, I have always prefer the "Green Mario" that introduced me to the Super Mario game franchise. It was years later that I learn he got a new design: A taller, slimmer, and has a new name called Luigi. Whenever I got my hands on a new Mario game Luigi would be the first character I chose.

Couldn't be happier when I found out about Luigi's Mansion, Luigi own spin-off game where he is the main protagonist :)
Well you can't have one without the other, in my opinion. Of course I know that you can, but I think most people get what I am trying to say. I have some love for Luigi, but you are right he does get the short end of the stick. I am not sure that he is the first character I choose in a new game, like some of the other users, but I do not forget about him.

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