Wifi Connection in the 2DS


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Jul 11, 2016
Nintendo 2DS
Hi. I'm having problems connecting to my internet at home with my 2DS. My 2DS is able to connect to the internet fine with my mobile hotspots, but switches between Enabled and Internet while I'm using the software. Even though it might say I'm connected to the internet, a simple connection test says otherwise. All of my other devices are working fine with my other devices, and I've tried restarting and disconnecting.
Any solutions?
I have had all sorts of WiFi issues with my Nintendo devices, at least the handheld ones, and I have just gotten to the point where I hardly even try anymore. I cannot say that I have really had the trouble with the DS, but I imagine that it is just the same and maybe even harder. Best of luck, and thanks for sharing.
Hi! I used to have the same problem as you, but fixed it! First, please tell me what model your router is!

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