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Aug 5, 2013
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I still don't get why Nintendo released this, but they did and not a best looking red. But did anyone here get this? Despite no internet.
I'm not a fan of the mini Wii. It's not that much smaller than the original and part of my reason for getting the Wii was that it had gamecube controller ports and the ability to play all my GC games as well as Wii games. I feel the mini is less of a system than the original.
I'm disappointed. I wonder how much of these they are actually going to sell? At least keep all the features and make it with cheaper up to date parts, with a drop in retail price then you might have a winner. But this lack all the features that you want in a next gen system. If it was $50 bucks I would actually think about it.
It would have served them much better to just do something akin to a handheld but that could be connected to the Wii & then make it a point not to have great games on that handheld/console...oh...wait...never mind...o_O
I never did understand this and from what I remember sales were bad, most of them being made from people thinking it was a brand new system.

Hopefully they don't do this with the Wii U.
This is the one that my mom bought our family after the first one that we had broke. My mom isn't the smartest when it comes to buying these things so she didn't know that there wasn't internet for it. Well, she was in for a surprise when she found that out. She would watch Netflix on the Wii all the time because it was so easy to set up, and now she isn't able to anymore. It also stinks for the rest of the family because my sister and I used to always go online and play Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and now that we can't, we don't play with the Wii much anymore. I'm sure that we could have returned it, but it wasn't a huge deal that it didn't come with the internet.
I never like the Wii Mini, truly disappointed that Nintendo even bothered with this. The original Wii was perfect, even the footprint was just right. The Wii Mini is not even aesthetically pleasing to the eye, I wouldn't want that anywhere near my entertainment center. It looks flimsy and it's terrible that so many key features were left out in order to justify the lower price.
I've never even heard about the Wii Mini, so I'm clearly out of touch, lol. The original Wii was cheap enough, why would you want to go with something that has even less features than the already under-powered Wii? I guess it's to catch people like @danielle davidson's mom who don't know any better (not blaming them), although who would want to watch Netflix on the Wii when you can't stream in HD... ;)

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