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Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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I have a copy of WII sports sitting downstairs in a drawer, that I noticed when I went to grab my PS3 controller. I can't remember if we got the game with the system, or purchased it later. Anyways, I think this game is pretty fun. The graphics are of course, pretty primitive, but it's great to get a bunch of family members together and play. We also purchased a set with a bunch of miscellaneous sports controllers, like a baseball bat and a ping pong racket. Did anyone else ever play this game, or buy the accessories?
I played this game all the time with my family, it is the king of casual games! I was sooooo good at bolling! And I wasn't to shabby at the tennis either ;)
Wii sports is a family classic though isn't it?

We all have it stowed away somewhere don't we! Among all of my single player games and even multiplayer games that only play by myself there is a copy of Wii sports that came with the console that I only whip out when a few family members come over and wanna play a few games. Everyone gets bored of it halfway through the bowling and finds something else to do before the game is finished every time!

I don't know what it is. Maybe the novelty just wares off really quickly, even for 1st time players?
The novelty can wear off pretty fast on those games. It's really cool at first to play a game where you're really moving your arms, but after a while, it just becomes annoying. Certainly this game is much funner with a group of people, especially if some (or all) of them are drinking.
Wii sports whilst drunk... Sounds much more challenging and fun than it should be... Although I would probably end up with a remote through the TV! I've had that happen sober, and it would be a lot easier to do inebriated.
Thomas Ennis said:
this game is much funner with a group of people, especially if some (or all) of them are drinking.
LOL! A remote through the TV! Yes, I can see that happening! The Wii mote sticking out of the centre of the telly with the nunchuck hanging from the end of it dangling just above the floor!
For the past year or two, when we had office parties at work, they usually set up a corner for Wii sports so people could swing their arms and do stupid things. This was recently replaced with a Kinect though!
Yeah I think I got this game when I had first gotten my wii. It is only fun once you can get everyone in your family to play with you. If you are playing alone then the game is not that fun. I had bought all the accessories for the game but lately I haven't been playing my wii much due to all the new consoles coming on stream.
This game really is a classic for the wii. It seems like everyone has this game for the wii, or has at least played it before. When people think wii this game is definitely in their top 5.
It was just one of those games that broke you into playing the wii and it was just a lot of fun to play. I did get some accessories because when I had just gotten my wii I was just so happy to play all that I could with it.
Bowling ftw. It made so many people connect, old and young. My old redneck dad loved golf and bowling. Anyone could do it. That's why it was so innovative.
Those games are some of my favorite that I love playing with family and friends. Sometimes you can really get into it like my best friend and I used to. We would keep playing for hours and hours trying to beat each other. Sometimes we would play the tennis game for so long that our arms would really start to hurt. Then by the time we were done we wouldn't be able to lift our arms. It was worth it though in the end because it was always a lot of fun.