Wii Street U


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Sep 26, 2015
I miss Wii Street U for the Wii U. That app was fun to use. & I used it all the time. I hope it comes back for the NX.
I used it to go all around the world in my room. why did Google & Nintendo get rid of that? It made the Wii U more fun. the thing is I travel a lot in real life. I went to Roma Itlay And to Athens Greece and to Turkey. But when I came home I went on Wii Street U just to go back there, Since I had a great time.
Oh yeah....I kind of forgot about that one. I really did enjoy using that though, and like everyone else stated I hope that we get to see a newer version it in the NX. I think that I am the opposite of @NintendoTech - in that I have not traveled all that much, but I use it for the same reason, to visit those places. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of this one.
It ws really cool albeit a little underutilized. Similarly to the Vita YouTube app, I don't really see a reason why it's gone now

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