Wii U support after the NX is released

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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One thing that concerns me about Nintendo is how quickly they drop support for a console once it's losing traction. This has happened with the Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii and quite possibly it will happen with the Wii U. This is one area that Sony is very strong, they ensure games are coming out for their consoles way past their sell-by date.

I'm hoping that when the NX is released, that Nintendo will still put in some effort in releasing some compelling games for the Wii U.

Do you think Nintendo's release schedule of games will dwindle for the Wii U as they launch their next console?
As you have pointed out, Nintendo have a history of making the transition fast and definitive. With the Wii U having had a shorter shelf life than the Wii (and as far we can tell and so far easy to presume, its contemporaries) I think it's safe to foresee them dropping the Wii U as quickly as they have done their previous consoles when the new one arrives.

I still think Nintendo's consoles are better at making you want to go back and play older games than Sony or Microsoft, so I suppose there's still something to be had for a lot of with on the Wii U after its time comes. I can easily see myself playing Smash Bros. with certain regularity on my Wii U, with an NX hooked up to my TV at least until the NX's Smash Bros. comes along.
The Wii U is not doing good as we speak, so why pump more money into it, and lose more money. It's not good business to kick a dead horse. When the NX is released I still see them supporting the Wii U with the current games that are in development. But I think the shift and focus will be the NX.

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