Wii-U Untitled Zelda Game Delayed


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Feb 17, 2015
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"The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has today announced that Zelda Wii Uis no longer a priority for 2015, and will not be shown at E3 2015." (http://nintendonews.com/2015/03/zelda-wii-u-delayed-e3-2015/)

I was upset at first, but after reading the article I instantly became excited. I was looking forward to buying this game for Christmas, but if waiting means a better quality game of one of my all time favorites--by all means Mr. Aonuma, take your time!
This was one of the games that had me thinking of getting a Wii-U cause I love Zelda games. Though I am surprised they won't show it at E3 this year. Makes it sound like it won't be out till late next year then....
I know right! I was looking forward to buying a Wii-U in June, but I am wanting to wait and see if this game will by some chance be releasing on the NX. I would hate to buy a Wii-U mainly for this game, just for it to also or only be available for the NX. I am definitely waiting to upgrade after more facts are released.
Well I don't think you need to worry to much about it switching to the NX since I don't think we will see that system for another 2-3 years and it did sound like they are making good progress on the new Zelda game. Who knows they may pull a 360 and show a new trailer of Zelda at E3 or maybe a better time would be TGS later this year.
I hope so. I have not played a few of the new Zelda games in the past decade, simply because I felt they pulled too far away from the original games. Whatever they do with this one, I just hope it is comparable to some of the best, like Ocarina of Time.

It would be nice to see this Zelda game out by Christmas. My 6 year old has really taken a liking to the Zelda games and I would love to get him this for Christmas to help keep him interested. Right now, he really likes playing games like Plants Vs. Zombies, Minecraft, and Mario. All of which are good games... I just feel the Zelda games will help his thinking process if you know what I mean c:
I'd rather see it delayed properly and put out a fantastic title then rush it out the door like say DESTINY and Bungie. I love both companies (Nintendo, Bungie) but some companies rush to meet fiscal quarter outputs and this in turn destroys games. Or makes them not as well as it could be.

I hope this time delay and I assume (E3 2016) it will be a showcase, if not released. I hope by then it's super polished and it seems up to date. You can't push and delay and hope to stay current with competition - unless you add stuff.
this is what i love about Nintendo. they say faggettaboutit to the establishment, I'm releasing a great polished game when I'm good and ready. And in turn i have no reservations about going spend money on it.

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