Wii U videos, reviews and Ideas :)

I'm all for freedom of speech, but after watching almost a whole Wii U review... well, you sounded pretty down on it. Sorry if I'm interpreting wrong.
I'm very happy to have purchased it and I think it's worth buying, any criticisms I had were things I would like to see improved but every console has it's issues.
You have to be real careful how you convey your videos though. If you are enthusiastic, show it in your voice and don't spend 60% of the video talking it down

If it sounds like I'm giving you crap, I'm sorry. I will leave you alone now
Well, I definitely appreciate constructive criticism. I'll try keeping it in mind in my future videos
Well thank you. I have seen and read a lot of reviews, but not too watched too many videos, so it is a nice change of pace. I do agree with @Shane a little bit though, and from what I saw it was kind of hard to determine if you were liking the things you were discussing or not liking them. It is good to see though, so thanks for sharing.

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