Wii U will be discontinued later this year

To tell the truth I really wish Wii U could have a longer lifespan. I am really enjoying the current games, a shame that there's not much big hitters to attract the more diehard gamers.

Well I think that Nintendo is used to operating in a rather niche market, but this one might just be a little too niche for their liking. I agree with you, in that there are just that many heave hitters that have the name resonate with gamers and really stand out. Attracting the attention of gamers is not usually their number one concern, which I think is great, but it might have hurt them a little here. Just a thought.
Just because Nintendo is discontinuing the Wii U doesn't mean that everyone's units will stop working. I'll still be playing games on mine and will be able to buy games for it long after. It's a little weird to be saying that you'll miss it. It will be unfortunate, but retailers will still be clearing out their stock until the NX comes out.
I agree, I don't understand why people get carried away with this sort of thing. It's not as if they pulled them off the market because of one or other defect. They are just channeling all their energy to the NX, there will still be games for the Wii U.

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