WII Vs Kinect?


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Apr 9, 2014
I always get into a debate with my buddies about which of these is the better one and I honestly think that the WII is the better one. I think because when I am playing on the kinect sometimes it is really hard for it to register my movements and sometimes to me that could be really frustrating. When I am playing the WII though it is really easy for me because the console registers the movements easily.

Which one would you say is the better one to play?
I have played both the Wii and the Kinect and I find that I enjoy the Wii a little better. I find it a little unnerving to play without a controller although it is a little easier. I like it just fine but when I did get my Xbox I chose not to get a Kinect. I just liked the Wii better and as long as the bar is visible then it registers movements pretty well. I also am partial to Nintendo so there is that.
I happen to own both a Wii and a Kinect. I first bought a wii for my kids ,but soon found that i'm a competitive game player. For days i played against my kids to keep the high scores. Within a week i found that i lost 9 pounds, So i started to play while my kids were at school. Befor I knew it 1 month passed and i had lost 38 pounds. One day i was telling my friend about how much i lost and he had me play some games on his kinects . I loved it nothing to hold on to. I have carpal tunnel so my hands go numb, only thing i don't like about the wii. So i went out and bought a xbox 360 with kinect . now every day i have a choice of many games that give me tons of options as to what my workout will consist of. I swear it works because within 2 year i have lost 134 pounds. I also hold the high score on almost all dance games my kids never had a chance.
I think the kinect is better because You can do way more stuff. The Wii is boring and they don't have that many games that women's like.
I will not say that I think that the wii is boring but the thing is the kinect can do a lot more. I think that the main reason that I like the kinect so much is because you do not really have to play the games with a controller and that to me is a lot better than having to find batteries for you controllers.
I do have to say that I like the Kinect better than the Wii. I find that when I'm playing games with the Kinect it picks up the moves better. I have heard a couple people say that they have issues with the Wii not picking up movements that they are making with it. Well, that's something that's never happen with the kniect. I mean the Wii is good, but I do have to say that I like the kniect better.

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