WiiPad is the best universal remote ever!


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May 7, 2013
I have used countless universal remotes and until I tried the WiPad, I was not impressed with any of them. Within seconds the WiiPad recognized my tv's manufacturer and I could use it. If you haven't tried the WiiPad yet as a remote, I would highly recommend it.
I've tried it as a remote but I just didn't really seem to like it. I can see it as being useful but I just prefer my little remotes much better,
I typically have all of my game console accessories neat in the cabinet with the console anyways so I sorta like to keep it there.
It does seem like it's nice and fancy, I just feel like a regular TV remote is just simpler and gets the job done. I'm all about simplicity.
I have used it and I will tell you that it is nothing fancy and I really did not like it that much.

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