Will anyone still play 3DS when the Switch comes out?


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Dec 23, 2016
Since I will (hopefully) be getting a Switch on launch, I feel I will be playing my 3DS a lot less than usual. I will definitely not give it up, (seeming that they will probably still put mainline pokemon games on it instead of the switch for a while) but I see myself mainly using the Switch instead of the 3DS due to its portability.
Will you be replacing your 3DS with the Switch?
The Switch is not replacing either my 3DS or Wii U. Granted I may not be buying new games for the other two consoles, but I will leave them set up and ready to play.

I do think the 3DS might have a proper successor, but it would be a lower cost device (I hope about $150 retail)
@grahamf im not gonna let the switch replace my 3ds but it will definitely be replacing my wiiu. I just wonder if they are going to slow development of games for the wiiu and 3ds
Signs point to yes. Wii u for sure, 3DS should still get a decent amount.
I think Switch will be the end of 3DS. Never thought the day would come when Nintendo would merge home and handheld gaming, but looks like it's happening.
I'm not so certain. The Switch is twice as expensive as a 3DS, much much bigger, and doesn't close to protect the screen. It's certainly possible, but I think it'd be an uphill battle. Possibly for the same reason why the PS2 lasted so damn long.
Not quite yet for either, as I currently still need the wii u for smash, and there are some games I haven't finished on 3ds. Will eventually replace both though.
I think Switch will be the end of 3DS. Never thought the day would come when Nintendo would merge home and handheld gaming, but looks like it's happening.
i really hope not, the 3ds has been my favorite device in alllll my 30+ years of gaming. Its not necessarily the device, its the games. Everyone i have is a homerun.

If this is the case, then we better hope for some awesome rpg's to choose from on Switch. See i prefer handheld rpg's so i don't hog the tv. Not exactly fun watching someone play that for 3 hours. Just me just sayin.
I'm ready for the day when I can play a full featured game on a handheld. Imagine playing a gorey game in front of family who has weak stomachs, on the TV, and you can see the use of a handheld.
@Shane exactly. Or Yokai Watch. i mean, they deal with my fandom, but i still don't expect them to be glued to the tv for it.
@grahamf I used a cheap screen protector for PSP and it worked great. There will be a flood of third-party screen protectors for Switch in just a few weeks.
i hope not. but guess will find out when i get a switch. might be the opposite might be playing my 3ds more than switch
"...but I see myself mainly using the Switch instead of the 3DS due to its portability."

LOL the 3DS is super portable, probably more so than the Switch due to its size and clamshell design.

I was thinking of picking up the Switch on release day, but have talked myself out of it. One game is just not enough incentive for me to buy a $300+ console. I'll wait for summer or possibly pre-holiday when they may release a bundle and more games are available to choose from. Even then though, I'll still be using my 3DS fairly regularly as some games are exclusive to it and my backlog is still quite large.
The Wii was hard to find for a year... I missed my chance to preorder and trying to get one of the Best Buy hourly preorders is next to impossible. I'll try to get it in store on release day, others I'll just try to pick one up when I can.
I haven't played on my 3DS since Pokemon Moon came out. I might get the new Fire Emblem game though.
Problem is that a lot of 3DS games are pretty hard to be ported on the Switch unless Nintendo is willing to do it themselves. I'm all for Kid Icarus Uprising being played at 720p but how can it be done on one screen?

Then there's the problem with some games like Fire Emblem requiring both screens locked...
Only have had my Switch for two weeks now, and I love to bring it with me, but only when I know where I'm going and that it's not a risk to my Switch. I will never bring it to work. I'm a service technician and don't know where I will be everyday. For that I like my 3DS because I can fold it and throw it in my pocket. So I'll keep playing my 3DS, but not as much as my Switch for sure. Plus, I just got my 3DS a little over a year ago, so I have plenty of games I still want to play on it.
A guy I work with just bought a 3DS so I played Mario Kart 7 with him last night. We had plenty of people to play matches with. He also got Smash Bros. He said he was able to find matches just fine on that too.
The 3ds library is ridiculously good. I just finished Yokai Watch 2 and will be starting Bravely Second soon. And i missed a ton of rpg's i would like to play

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