Will Mario ever run his course?

The simple answer to this? No. It can't. He's just a character that can be utilized from all forms of gaming. Be it sports or RPG or fighting or on & on & on. Quite difficult to chop down that tree.
Hypothetically, it's possible for the Super Mario Bros franchise to lose its popularity and grow stale to the point that it's eventually discontinued... but I don't see it happening, at least not any time soon! The character's history has demonstrated that he fits well into a wide variety of games, including platformers, puzzle games, racing games, and even RPGs (in retrospect, it's almost surprising that there hasn't been a Mario FPS!), and the folks at Nintendo have been introducing more than enough innovation into the main series to keep them fresh. Moreover, he's the sort of character that is rediscovered and beloved by a whole new generation of gamers on a regular basis, generations that will subsequently maintain a fond nostalgia for the character. Nintendo will stop making games featuring Mario around the same time that DC stops making comics featuring Superman and Batman!
The series will only run its course when the milk cow drys up, and last I checked Mario is still a hot selling franchise and as long as it makes the money it won't be ending anytime soon.

I only wish they make a good game again like SMB 1-3, 64 or world.
I dont think Mario will ever cease to exist. Mario is an icon of Nintendo and is the reason why people buy Nintendo consoles. If Nintendo stopped making Mario games not only would they lose alot of money in game sales, they would lose alot of money in console sales as well since its a Nintendo exclusive.
No, that will never happen. Mario is synonymous with Nintendo, even folks that are not into gaming know this. Quite the opposite, Mario will find himself in more games than before, particularly in the mobile gaming space. While many other franchises will fall by the wayside in years to come, we can count on Mario still being around. Nintendo's recent partnership with DeNA will only elevate and expose Mario to a generation of gamers that don't play on console or handhelds.
I really hope the Super Mario series doesn't end any time soon. Like NEVER.
never there's always going to be Mario games as long as Nintendo exists.

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