Will Mobile Nintendo Games Kill Portables?

This might sound a bit odd, but I think that portable consoles themselves are to blame for killing off portable gaming, as when you look at some of the technology used by these companies it's simply not good enough for a lot of people. Look how far technology as come, and then look at the specs of a DS.

I'm not saying that people expect the power of a high end PC in the palm of their hand, but they expect more than what a phone can give them, but with the rise in popularity of the smartphone now, gaming on a Samsung Galaxy S7 is more appealing than on a dedicated handheld gaming system, and surely that can't be right?
@pwarbi I think that people want more for their buck. They want both functionality and practicality and that's what they get in a smartphone. the true gamer's will always want a dedicated portable console but for the majority of people the games that they can play on their smartphone is more then enough.

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