Will Nintendo continue to use Pixel Art in games?


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Jun 27, 2016
Recently, Nintendo is approaching more into games with 3D graphics with the exception of Fire Emblem maybe....oh and I guess M&L series as well.

I'm wondering if Nintendo will eventually give up on Pixel art. I mean Pokemon is no longer using it though honestly, even if they keep using it, people will still buy the games.

Do you see them ever stopping pixel art games?
I don't think pixel art is really needed anymore thanks to the high resolution screens of today. I never really got those "retro" Indy games that used blocky sprites on a game for a high end pc.
I personally like the pixel art. It brings back nostalgia and I have always thought that they look cool. :)
Mario Maker uses it and there is a 8 bit game within Splatoon. So for now no. Will they ever abandon it? Who knows. Nintendo will do whatever they do. Same company who has made games that look like Yarn and Claymation. I will say not completely.
I'm asking this because I've played a couple of games like Genealogy of the holy war, and many other games that have a lot of pixel art detail.

Compare Holy War and Fates here and the pixel art is bare minimum unlike Holy war which does cool stuff there.....

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