Will optical drives remain in game consoles?

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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We're gradually reaching the point where games will only be available digitally. When that will happen, I don't really know. If I'd have to take a wild guess, I would say that this could happen within 7-10 years. Optical drives and physical game releases will still be relevant in the mean time. But as internet infrastructure improves around the world, console manufacturers will eventually move to a disc-less future.

Would you like optical drives to remain or be abandoned in all future consoles?
I would like them to remain. Although I've been buying many games digitally recently, I definitely prefer to have the disc copies and will get them whenever I can. Thankfully, I think Nintendo will keep the disc copies for a while.
A few years ago Bill Gates said that everything will be made and delivered digitally. DVDs is old technology. Digital downloads will become the future of how we get our games because it is cheaper to deliver and get into the hands of consumers where the money is. Can you imagine not lining up at best buy for the latest game releases? All you need to do is buy it in advance and wait for the clock to hit zero and you can get the game in a few minutes via download. Sounds like a win win situation for the gamer and lower the overhead cost for game developers.

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