Will the NX mean the end of independent handhelds?


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Feb 19, 2016
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I've heard plenty of times that the Nintendo NX is going to be a hybrid system that you can use at home and on the go. Consequently, it will be the handheld. I'm torn on whether I like that or not. It means less money spent overall, true, and Nintendo's console and handheld libraries can finally be merged, but I can't help but wonder if it will also mean some traditionally handheld games will get less overall attention.

What say you? Do you look forward to a hybrid system, or will you miss having systems like the Gameboy, DS, and 3DS?
I would definitely miss my 3DS, especially since they just put so much work into the relaunch of the digital pokemon titles... and the Sun and Moon release that is coming out later this year. Yikes! This affects me more than I thought if the NX becomes the replacement for handhelds... maybe there will be compatibility set in place?
I feel like if they did combine handheld and console, that it just seems to me, like the next natural evolution of gaming. Now some of us are skeptical of change. Including me at times. And for good reasons. But within a few years, I think we could become accustomed to such a change.
As much as I love my handhelds, I would be okay with NX being a hybrid console. Being always on the go and only getting about an hour of game time a day at home, a handheld would be perfect for me, but it would be even better if I could play those games on the TV as well when I get home. I just hope if it IS a hybrid, that the console has a separate controller or something, like a comfortable one because I don;t know if I'd be able to stand playing games on TV with a flat handheld like the 3DS.
The 3DS is "here to stay" says a Nintendo Executive. I didn't ever think NX will replace the 3DS, but if it did, I don't really mind. Yeah I agree, it would be nice to have a hybrid console.
Of course they will tell is that Wii U and 3DS are here to stay. If they said they were finishing up their life cycles, people who don't have them will just end up waiting for the NX instead. If they tell people the system its "here to stay" then those that are hesitant will feel more confident making a purchase. Its simple business logic really. Every console and handheld becomes old news the very moment the next console or handheld comes out. That's just how it works. Wii U has been hanging on by a thread its whole life and now more than ever its blatantly obvious they're moving on to the next thing which is the NX. I know you were talking about the 3DS but it's the same situation. 3DS did significantly better than Wii U but even now new releases are pretty sparse. 3DS has about a year left in terms of support, then all focus will shift to the NX and its handheld counterpart. The funniest part about the statement they use, "the 3DS is here to stay" is that it conjures up an image, at least in my mind, that the 3DS will be developed for and supported indefinitely, so 50 years from now 3DS is still current, which is of course absurd. But its very far from the truth. If the 3DS were a person it would probably be looking forward to retirement funds very soon.
I wasn't expecting a lengthy and a somewhat condescending reply. Anyway, to be honest, I didn't really believe the 3DS will be discontinued or lose support for the next 2-3 years, so I just used that quote as a reference for greater credibility. I guess it backfired. Nevertheless, you're forgetting that Pokemon Sun / Moon, which is supposed to be one of the biggest games for the 3DS, isn't even released yet. It won't be out until the year end, which makes it 8 months from now, so the 1 year support is pretty farfetched. In addition, we're not even sure when NX is going to be released. We're not even sure if it is going to be a handheld and we definitely cannot speculate a 4DS or any 3DS successor to be already in development and ready to be released next year.

The funniest part about the statement they use, "the 3DS is here to stay" is that it conjures up an image, at least in my mind, that the 3DS will be developed for and supported indefinitely, so 50 years from now 3DS is still current, which is of course absurd. But its very far from the truth. If the 3DS were a person it would probably be looking forward to retirement funds very soon.
Yeah, good thing we don't believe it. Any Nintendo fan knows each generation of Nintendo handhelds did not last a decade, so let alone 50 years. Indeed, it will be discontinued in the future, but not just in a year's time. But whether people believe it or not, they will buy the 3DS because they want to, not because some executive says so.
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To me, most info kind of points toward one of two things:

1. The NX is a handheld/console hybrid
2. The NX is a platform, with separate console and handheld to be bought separately

But the real question is, is Pokemon a kiss of death to the 3DS, or just another of many games in its lifecycle?
I agree, Pokemon has been one of the most successful franchises for the 3DS, and this could be the last installment for the 3DS, other franchises seemed to have run out of options as well, so this might be the last hoorah for the 3DS. But I really believe that support will stay for quite a while, although not necessarily games to be created exclusively for the 3DS. If you will look at the original DS, online support only stopped last 2014, which was 3 years of support since the release of its successor. And now, we still haven't heard of the 3DS successor. Anyway, we can speculate all we want, but we'll just go around in circles. We'll see, only time will tell.
Nowadays handhelds are being taken by smartphones, at least in my experience. It's very natural to play on the phone but the moment you are seen carrying a DS or similar you're like the "nerd gamer". To stay on-topic, I don't know but I like the hybrid idea.
Well... at least a smartphone isn't outdoing my 3DS anytime soon, that's a comforting thought. XD but my girlfriend is so cute when she takes her 3DS out to get streetpasses! You get a lot more of them, even where I live, then you'd think.
I would miss having a separate handheld but if it means more games total then I'm fine with it.
This would be a new concept which Nintendo is very good at doing. The idea that you have a two in one a home console but also a portable game unit is a good one. People want more for their buck and Nintendo is trying to give it to them.
Well the concept of NX isn't new at all. Turboexpress and SEGA Nomad were portable consoles. What killed them was price and battery life. Nintendo will likely have both of those issues fixed.
I am confident that handheld consoles, or gaming consoles designed only for handheld games will still be here for a while. I mean, the numbers of casual gamers are growing each day, and most of them like playing it when they are on the move or going out. I myself still like playing with my phone and 3DS when I am on the train or bus. So yeah, I think they are still here to stay.
Well I always find it hard to predict these sorts of things, and anymore these days you cannot say much of anything with any sort of certainty. That said, though, I really kind of hope that this is not the case, because I think I would miss the more traditional handheld devices. But, if it makes them obsolete then that would mean the NX is just that great, so I'm not sure. Interesting stuff, though, and thanks for sharing.
@rz3300 You're right, when it comes to this kind of thing, the only thing we all can do is sit back, relax and wait fordevelopers to do their job. They obviously are trying and working hard to please their customers and they probably will do it.
Since Nintendo can't face neither Sony nor Microsoft head on. Nintendo has always come up with some unusual strategies. I personally like the idea of having a combo. It's the best of two worlds and different from anything that Sony and Microsoft are making.

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