Will the switch have more third party support?


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Jun 27, 2016
I am certain that even if the Switch has passable power, it won't get as huge of third party games as Sony and Microsoft tend to get atleast in the western side of things.

But people still have hope on this and so I'm beginning to wonder, whether this can or cannot happen at all?
im a Nintendo only guy, mostly because of money, i don't have the other consoles. The last one i had was a ps2. Ive never looked back until i couldn't get my wwe and football games. I do miss those. Other than that, I've have a blast with the wii u. But i do hope we get some outside stuff. In the same respect, what with all the hd remakes, i have literally been playing the "same" games for the last decade it feels like.
If it actually replaces both the wii u and 3ds, it will be fine, since the 3ds always got decent support. It will start with just continuations of series that were previously on 3ds, but the influx of titles will grow it's user base and get those big name console games to come eventually.

If it for some reason only replaces the wii u, to avoid disappointment, I advise expecting no more than previous consoles got:
An initial burst of ports (some of which are a year old)
long term mediocre ports
a small handful of really good 3rd party exclusives

That's how I read the situation.

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