Will this be the end of Dual Screen gaming?


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Jun 27, 2016
Now that its confirmed that the Switch will not be backwards compatible and that it only has one screen, people are now seeing that this will be the end of Dual screen gaming...the one that the DS family is known for.

Personally, not only will I miss it deeply but it will mostly feel like a step backwards to what we have now.

Do you think the Switch will end the Dual Screen gaming?
Most likely. it seems you would now need two Switches if you wanted two screen gaming - unless the dock can connect wirelessly, but I doubt it.

Nintendo is hinting that a 3DS successor may be in the works still so we may get dual screens that way.
@Segata I can understand that for you this might sound silly, but there are tons of games that are exclusive to the DS & 3DS and porting them to one screen really isn't that cheap either..... so one of course has to wonder just how Nintendo will provide backwards compatibility for the games on these systems.....
WTF are you talking about? You asked the answer is yes. Case closed I just said yes with a goat.
I don't see how the Nintendo Switch's debut would mark the end of dual-screen gaming, since it won't be replacing the 3DS anytime soon.
i hope not. Reasons being, i love all my 3ds games and I love all my Zelda games. Even though i feel like i've been playing remakes the last 4 years, having 2 screens and or a touch screen worked extremely well with Wind Waker, is making TPHD a lot easier to deal with and MM3d and Oot3D were flat out awesome. I mean, i didn't have to press start to get to Batman's utility belt. Just my opinion. That goat up there is awesome BTW

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