Winback Covert Operations vs Metal Gear Solid


Oct 6, 2013
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Winback is a great 3rd person shooter for the N64. It's been in development for so very long but when it was finally released, boy what a game it was. The game was supposed to be the Metal Gear Solid of the N64. At first, the controls could be so much because our hero has a lot of moves at his disposal. But once you master the controls, the hero would look like a bad ass action star. One of the advantages that Winback has over metal gear is the cover and targeting system. It's pretty much easier to shoot down bad guys because of this as compared to metal gear.


Winback also has a multiplayer feature that Metal Gear doesn't have. It's a very nice touch and adds replay value to the game. Overall though, I think Metal Gear Solid is the far superior game. It has an incredible story and great bosses that Winback cannot match.
I liked this game. This game was one of the N64 titles that I really enjoyed. But I definitely liked it. I eventually got some friends, and even my cousins, to try the game out. They all, for the most part, enjoyed it. Everybody agrees that Metal Gear Solid is a better overall game. But the cover feature they all enjoyed. Only a few of us actually finished the game. Most didn't finish it. Some even restarted their games, without finishing it. I beat it once. I got the bad ending, while my cousin got the good ending. The endings, I believe, are based on how long you take to beat the game. If you rush through the game, you'll get the good ending. If you take your time, and explore everything or waste time, or whatever, you'll get the bad ending. I got the bad ending because I have a tendency to look in every nook and cranny for any possible secrets or hidden items or anything like that. So I tend to take my time more.

This game was more "action-oriented" than Metal Gear Solid. The controls, as stated above, take a minute to get used to. But once you get use to them, it controls pretty good. There are several weapons that you can get in the game. Like, the handgun, machine, shotgun, rocket launcher, etc.etc... But those weapons have a limited amount of ammo. Your pistol has unlimited ammo, so you'll end up using that the most. The targeting system was unlike anything in Metal Gear. It had a Metal Gear vibe to it, however, it also felt much different too. Still, it was a good game. I liked it.

There was a PS2 port, but nobody I know has ever played it. A lot of people weren't aware that it was on something else besides the N64, but it was also on the PS2. In fact, there was a PS2 sequel, that never saw a Nintendo release. Winback 2 got overshadowed quickly, and got lost in the shuffle. Most people I know have never heard of Winback 2. I have heard of it, but I have never seen it on the shelves, nor have I ever played it, or seen any video's of it. But I know it exists. I just don't really know anything about it, other than that it's supposed to be a sequel in name only. In that, it is "Winback 2", however, it's not related to the original game. I can't confirm that, as I haven't played it myself.

But part 1, on the N64, I liked it.
Hmm... never heard of this, but then again I really enjoy Metal Gear Solid - because I'm all about stealth. I cause that is why I'm not really aware of this game - it doesn't seem to have anything like a stealth element to it. You have lots of weapons and great cover mechanics, but you get dinged for moving slowly therefore motivating you to run in guns blazing. I would hate to see the Sorrow show up in this game - you'd never make it through all the ghosts.
Yeah, this game was fun. But it was like the complete opposite of Metal Gear Solid. This game wanted you to "run and gun" more than anything. The "stealth" aspect of this game was mostly not there. That's why I got the bad ending, because I tried to be slow, and methodical, and hide behind everything, and taking my shots wisely, not wasting ammo by going all guns blazing all of the time. For that, I got the bad ending. My cousin, on the other hand, had a blast just running around and killing everybody. So he ended up getting the good ending. I know that there are other factors, like who dies and who survives and what not. But again, I believe that those story events are based on how long you take to complete your objectives. It's been a while since I last played the game.

It's definitely worth playing. Especially when it was brand new. It might feel 'dated' now. However, back in it's day, it was good. Metal Gear Solid was still a better game all around. But the cover system and targeting system, felt better in this game. This game also had more puzzle solving than Metal Gear Solid did. At least, to my recollection. Again, I never tried the sequel. But I hear that it was only a sequel in name only, and wasn't related to the original game. But I can't confirm that.
Winback Covert Operations is really more of a cult game. Whereas the Metal Gear series started out in this manner, but eventually became a AAA series when Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation was launched. Winback Covert Operations is essentially one of those love it or hate it titles. It's got more of a B-quality to it but it's appealing to game enthusiasts, nonetheless. It's got enough going for it to differentiate itself from the Metal Gear Solid series and is worth tracking down by N64 owners.

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