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Dec 15, 2013
Good? Bad?

What do you guys think of the game..

I've never played it but I keep hearing it's really good and I've heard it plays alot like the Metal Gear Solid series. But if I got it should I get it for N64 or for PS2?
Winback is a good game. If you like MGS then you will enjoy iy. A group of rebels wants to create a new nation and you are the agent who must stop ot. There is a wide variety of moves you have to learn and especially you must learn to hide. The game is not as epic as MGS; think of it a light version of MGS.
I have never heard of this game :huh: If it plays like Metal Gear, I may very well be interested. Is it available on the Wii Network?
WinBack was actually a really cool game. I would always get it confused with that other game that had the guy with powers and it was kind of RPGish (real descriptive, I know).

I'll have to agree with most people here though. If you liked Metal Gear Solid, you'll like WinBack as well. I think that it tries a bit TOO HARD to be like MGS but it's nothing you can't get over.
I recently just tried this for my emulator and I have to agree with everybody's posts here - it's like a light MGS with a cool story and it's own feel.

Give it a shot!

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