Wind Waker To The Switch


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Jan 18, 2024
Switch Lite
Does anybody else want Wind Waker on the Switch? The first Zelda game I ever played was Phantom Hourglass on the DS, and since I've been curious about what kind of experience awaits me in Wind Waker; Toon Link is so charming! I know they remastered Wind Waker for the Wii U, but I feel like there's no reason that Wind Waker HD or the OG shouldn't be available to download in the Nintendo eShop right now. I am overcome with desire to have a Wind Waker experience on my Switch Lite!
@GallantPhil well hello there! You are speaking my language. I am huge Zelda fan, and Wind Waker is my absolute total favorite video game. I was ecstatic when we got the HD wii u version. It was even more beautiful and fun. So would i buy it again? Yeah probably so. Im not a big fan of ports, but while we're at it, can i get MK Double Dash also?
I would love to see both of those games, on the Switch! Maybe they'll add a Gamecube option to the Expansion Pass, or whatever they call it. I'd rather buy and download games, though.

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