Windows installation problems


Sep 2, 2015
Sometimes, I encounter error whenever I try to install a new game to my rig. It's quite the hassle as you will either try an extensive drive cleanup of try to find some solution/workaround online. I think it's very frustrating, and hope that Windows 10 won't have as many issues with these games like in the past.

What about you? What's the worst installation problem you had on the PC?
Honestly, I hardly ever experienced installation problems after XP was introduced. Of course, I no longer use that as I'm on Window 7 now. I may upgrade to 10 at a later stage but I'm quite happy with my OS at the moment. The only time I experienced installation issues was way back in the early Pentium days when Windows 95 was introduced. It was meant to be the perfect plug 'n play operating system but was full of issues and prone to crashing. Very few game installations ever went smoothly.
Same here. There aren't that many issues with installing games these days, and as soon as you run into a problem it's usually a quick Google search for a solution. The great thing about computer problems is that the odds are generally good that someone else has run into the same issue and resolved it AND shared it online. It's certainly a change from installing a game that had 100 floppy disks (most of you will have no clue what that even is) and finding out that disk 84 is corrupt...
I think that there is so much diversity in hardware that you are bound to have compatibility issues. Windows 10 didn't come to solve these problems but probably add to them. It's better now but when it was released it had all sorts of issues.
The worst installation was when trying to install The Sims 2 game on Windows Vista, it was the most annoying thing ever because I somehow had to crack the games like a thousand times to make it work and I also had to play it with the disk in, it was really odd.
@Casiox windows is just considered on of the worst operating systems Microsoft ever created. I would suggest upgrading to windows 7. It will be well worth your while.
@SirJoe You probably meant Windows Vista, since Windows is the best OS they've ever created, however, I just realized of that back in the days when my PC didn't want to start up sometimes, it really sucks, it definitely is the worst OS ever.
@Casiox yes, I meant windows vista and that about windows being the best operating system is up for debate. Don't say that to Linux or MacOS users you going to hear a ear
I personally am a Windows and a Linux user and see the virtues and flaws of both systems.

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