Windows rant


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Mar 25, 2016
I promise this is my last thread about PCs for awhile, much like I promised myself not to talk about another subject I keep bringing up. So...

I like Microsoft and like the XBox One, but I will admit, I don't like Windows. Part of it is that it is buggy, much like Linux, due to all the computer configurations it has to support.

So in the same line, the latest computer I bought is a $699 Mac Mini with i5-4278u Iris 5100 processor and 8GB RAM. Do note that I didn't quite have to pay full price for it, but I did have to pay extra for first-party mouse and keyboard. I liked what little I have tried of OS X in the past and am ready to play around with it fully.

I am also mad because of things like Forza 6 PC not working well on some computer configurations. For example, say you have a Pentium G3258 processor and the best GPU out there, it still may not run well, due to the CPU not having the proper instruction set for the game coding. These problems just seem more common on Windows than on Mac. At least with Mac, developers tend to know more about the configurations to deal with.

Now Apple products are not without their disadvantages as well, like high price, but these days I would rather hang my head in shame for being an Apple supporter, than hang my head in shame for being a Windows supporter.
Once you get all the drivers the system is fine. Admittedly though I still haven't found an ACPI driver for my laptop that doesn't eventually crash and break sleep and shutdown
Never had a problem. I do detest everything Apple for many many reasons.
good call. i hated all things apple because iTunes early programs were so hard to deal with. Later on, a friend convinced me to get a iPad mini as a gift for my daughter. That was 4 years ago. I have NEVER had a problem with her mini, my wife's iPad 2, or this mac I'm on now. They are all a few years old by this point. Ive completely forgotten how to work on a computer at this point.

but yeah $$$$. The mac took a while to pay for
iTunes is a bloated pig and needs to die, along with Java.
@grahamf heehee, and their whole "iTunes" radio stuff: no G0th station, Classic Punk, dude what gives? Oh well nice try. And something else funny i just noticed: every time i type iTunes this mac capitalizes the t for me. Cute!