With the Nintendo Switch coming out, what will Happen to the Wii

what do YOU think will end up being the Fate of the Wii Once Nintendo Switch is Released

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Dec 9, 2016
Since the Nintendo Switch is Coming out Next March; It makes me wonder what will happen to the Wii; Will it be Deader than the Others, Due to the Required Motion Controls and Pointer being the Vital Element that makes it work, and since there's NO Motion Bar, OR Wii-like Controls; Will they be Downloadable, will they be Virtual Console, Like the Gamecube; or Be EVEN DEADER than any console pre-gamecube, due to its interface
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That remains to be seen. I'd like it if Nintendo loosened their IR-tracking patents so that someone can create a proper HTPC navigation remote though. Both the Wii and Wii U rely on unique interfaces that cannot be easily emulated by existing controls. Many Wii U games can do without the second screen, but they need to be patched so that they will still function without it. Some Wii games (like Super Paper Mario) use controls that can be mapped to a normal controller for 90% of play, but they still have 10% or so that relies on the camera or motion tracking.

Who knows? That's why I think the Wii U will still hang around in one form or another. There will probably be a Mini version that comes out as a lower-cost refresh (which hopefully won't be as castrated as the Wii Mini), but down the road? Until the Wii, Nintendo never really took backwards compatibility seriously. Before then there was the occasional remake (mostly for Zelda, iirc), but BC never caught on until the Wii - when they had a console capable of playing all prior games (either directly or through emulation) while having a online store for downloading those games without playing full price, or having a bunch of 8GB capacity disks that only held 100mb of data.
What's HTPC?!?!?!
A vision without a perfect execution.
I Mean What does it STAND for; What does the H mean; what does the T mean; what does the P mean; and What does the C mean?!?!

H stands for where you live
T stands for where it connects
P stands for who it's for
C stands for what it does
The Wii was not designed with future compatibility in mind. To give you an idea of this, the HOME menu (the one that lets you return to Wii Menu or reconnect Wiimotes) isn’t part of the Wii’s OS; it is bundled with every game, which means it can never be updated. This is also why it is slightly glitchier in some games like Virtual Console titles. The Wii U did some very hacky stuff for its backwards compatibility, and this is a system that runs the same 32-bit architecture as the Wii. Any future rereleases will probably be rewritten, similar to Super Mario Galaxy.

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