Wolf, Lucas, Mewtwo and Ice Climbers in SMASH BROS 3ds LEAK Proof

Wow, a DLC. First time I've really seen Nintendo doing things with DLCS other than Hyrule Warriors. I'm okay with it for now as long as there's some kind of sharing of characters, and that Smash Bros. isn't a conventional Nintendo game like Mario or Zelda. If they added DLC to Zelda for a new weapon, then I would be mad.
Smash on the 3ds. Man I think that this is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. This game will be the best game that I have ever played on the 3ds.
This is especially exciting for me, since I have decided not to buy the Wii u version, and I'm happy they are providing support and updates for the "lesser" 3ds version.

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