Woman finds a dead body in the river while trying to catch water Pokemon in Pokemon Go

In calling it now. The news will call it the Squirtle Murder.
I wonder if she used a Pokeball to capture the corps. lol.. ohh even I thought that was wrong.
When she finds 107 more and an odd keystone, then you will have my attention. Because then she will have a spiritomb.
Wow, well this might be the most shocking of the "have you heard" things that are being associate with the Pokemon Go! phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, and the world probably. I have heard of people being lured into robberies, reports of thieves in people's homes, car accidents, and countless other things, but this has to be the creepiest. I cannot imagine what the reaction of this poor woman was. Interesting stuff, and I bet we will get more of these in the near future. Thanks for sharing.
Does that give you extra points? This probably means that Pokemon Go will be remembered and beloved long after people stop playing it. I also liked all the stories about people finding Pokemons in really bad locations like The Holocaust Museum.
I know I just finished posting on another thread that 'One does not simply quit Pokemon' but I think that if I was that woman who found the dead body in a river, I would never play the game again. Oh my gosh, how scary.
I bet she went home feeling like a hero, people don't find themselves emotionally destroyed in situations like this, they'd rather just take a selfie and then go on the news bragging about their find.

This new moment of fame for them is not about what actually happened, but about what will come from what happened.
Definitely not a good catch. Experience anything similar can be extremely terrifying.

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