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Sep 3, 2015
How many of you still play this awesome fighting game? I play it every chance I get and it's a blast every time. I wish this game had online capabilities, it's the kind of game you play with your buddies with a couple of beers.

Are there other similar fighting games ? I have a vague memory of Mortal Kombat for the PS1 or PS2, a game where you could also play chess with the characters?
SNK is talking about bringing back Samurai Showdown. They c changed their name to just SNK and want to return to greatness so maybe they will. I want them to bring back Sengoku series.
Well it has certainly been some time, but it really does bring back a little nostalgia. I cannot really say that I played it all that much, though. If there were online capabilities, though, that would be something and I would be right there, but I am pretty sure that ship has sailed. When it comes to classic fighting games, I just always think back to the original Street Fighter.

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