Worst adult cartoon show ever made

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, lets talk about a rather popular show that is on FOX network, Family Guy.

Hey, you like Family Guy everybody? I dont, I think it is fucking terrible. I used to like family Guy though back when I was 12 years old and as I look at it again now when I am 15 and available to watch it since I am over the age restriction, I found that it is not that funny anymore. So, lets look at whats wrong with this show:

Seth Macfarlane is an egocentric bastard who apparently has a thing for musical numbers and he thinks that all of his comedy is funny. Well Seth, don't get ahead of yourself, if you call random cutaways, controversial messages, and fucked up images are elements of comedy, you must be fucking stupid.

Yeah, lets get to the cutaways, a thing that makes Family Guy what it is. I just find it extremely dumb and unfunny that the episode is littered with cutaways that are not related to the plot and extremely flat on humor. I mean, the cutaways are EVERYWHERE, it is up to the point where I think the writers for Family Guy do not know how to fill up a 20 minute episode.

And a lot of the humor is just "Shock you so hard that you laugh" like showing racist imagery, rape, excessive violence, and etc for the sake of black comedy. If they only do this occassionally in some episodes, it would work, but since they have been doing this 50 times for each episode, its really sad. This show just throws shit in your face and it expects you to laugh about it and it is desperate for your reaction to it.

Family Guy is one of those shows that feel heavily uninspired and the characters have extremely shallow plot development. Well what am I saying? There literally is no plot in any of the episodes other than a mishmash of events that are trying to form like a plot but are interrupted by a set of unfunny and unrelated cutaways.

Seth Macfarlane has done the same formula as family guy with two other shows: The Cleveland Show and American Dad. I hate the Fucking Cleveland Show since it literally is just Black Family Guy, the show did not start out as strong as Family Guy and it overstayed its welcome. But American Dad seemed to get it right though.

I know some of you are going to defend this rather boring and lackluster show since apparently it is popular because of how "funny" it is with the cutaways. Congratulations Family Guy, I hope you enjoy your place as one of the most disgusting and infamous shows ever made
When South Park makes fun of you, then you have for sure fucked something up.
at expense of showing my age here, Family Guy and Southpark are throwbacks to the not so PC 1980's. We had Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, and the man himself: Fred G. Sanford. I understand we shouldn't make those filthy kind of shows anymore, and for good reason.

But c'mon, who don't love the Goth Kids from Southpark?
Southpark actually keeps current and have intelligent debate - even if it's just Kyle on his goddamn soapbox.
South park is one of those legendary shows where you have to wonder what is going on in those dudes minds to be able to push out that material so consistently for so long. I don't understand how you can make that much funny material for so long with the same cast...
The season finale with Cartmanbrah really sucked and was depressing though. They did have a dry spell, but they seem to be breaking out of it fine.
Ironically, South Park is the worst adult cartoon of all time. It paved the way for “offensive means funny”. Matt and Trey are unfunny hacks who use Jew and poop jokes to carry their stupid pretentious political agenda of “everyone is dumb but us.” So yeah, legit the worst show I’ve ever seen. Fuck it. Oh right and I hate the goth kids, they are the worst animated characters ever.
Family Guy when it was on Adult Swim in the early-mid 2000s was great, but then again I was like 14. I hate it now. I love Bob's Burgers. It's one of the few adult cartoons I still watch. My humor has become more subtle I suppose.
a lot of these cartoons get worse as time goes on. the writers that made the show good (and get popular) get bored or leave.
Taz-Mania is kind of stupid, isn't he?

I know many people around the globe love it though.
I guess someone needs to go against the crowd.
Family Guy when it was on Adult Swim in the early-mid 2000s was great, but then again I was like 14. I hate it now. I love Bob's Burgers. It's one of the few adult cartoons I still watch. My humor has become more subtle I suppose.
only cucks hate family guy

without family guy, bobs burgers would not exist

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