Worst Mario Kart Track?


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Mar 5, 2016
Just wondering XD
Like of all time? Which game are we talking here?

In the SNES it would probably be the ghost house. I died so much there for no specific reason.

64, rainbow road for sure. Could not steer to save my life.
Yep, have to go with Rainbow Road in the N64 version. I had no problem with the steering, and the jump-over-the-wall trick was a bit fun if you did it properly, but the track was just way too long. Like, horrendously long. Usually just turned the game off when I reached the end of that cup.

Now, if you look at that same track in Mario Kart 8, it flips to one of my favourites. Going around it once is amazingly hectic. I've had some of my best online races on that Rainbow Road.
I do not mind rainbow road in N64. It was hard but still my favorite map on Mario kart 64. But Mario kart Wii's Rainbow road.. Is a very different story
Man, I gotta agree with the above posts... Rainbow Road is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of worst tracks on Mario Kart. It just F'N aggrevated me everytime. It's like... you play it hundreds of times so you get it.. you know what to do. But there's always some bullsht that just ruins the whole experience each time. It could be a turtle shell off from behind or a banana peel that knocks you completely off the track. Garbage.
I would vote for pretty much every track where you're prone to frequently falling off of it into a pit and have to wait to be quite tediously towed back by Lakitu!
Worst or most difficult? If you mean by badly designed I don't think any map can fit the criteria because they're all well designed (IMHO). But if I'm going to choose the "worst good" then I guess it's Waluigi Pinball.
If you mean most difficult I guess it would be Rainbow Road (SNES). Try it with 200cc, you'll see even the AIs fly over the tracks lol
Super Mario Kart: Donut Plains 3

Rainbow Road is definitely up there but Donut Plains 3 for me is the hardest course in the whole game. 150CC on this track was nearly impossible. The jump on the bridge certainly wasn't easy to time and the tight hairpin road following afterwards made it very hard to come 1st. You would definitely need a great handling character, such as Koopa Troopa.
Mario Kart is one of the best game franchises ever. I am a huge fan of all the games based in the Mushroom Kingdom! Peronsally, I have played them all, but like most people, I hate Rainbow Road. It seems like I can never stay on the track and it takes you an exceptionally long time to fall and get back on the track. I also don't really enjoy Vanilla Lake (an icy one) that I believe was on the SNES system.
Well I am sad to see some people saying Rainbow Road, but I am also glad to see people sticking up for it as well. I have always liked it, but I understand how some people might think that it is a bit long. I personally hate the Banshee Boardwalk on the N64 version - the one that is the long wooden dock with all sorts of holes and no sides. I always get super frustrated whenever I play that one.
I dont think rainbow road is so bad at all tbh. Played it in multipule MK's. But in double dash I get an headache because my eyes are already sensitive enough plus seeing colors blurry natrual like for example green it makes me having a hard time. Worst track for me is wario colosseum, lack of theme and takes way too long. Pure dislike.