Worst SNES games you've played?


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Feb 19, 2016
Nintendo DS
The SNES is oft-lauded as one of the best consoles ever released, period, and rightly so. There are a buttload of excellent SNES games, and I still play plenty of them today. To say every SNES game was a gem, though, is... disingenuous. Which SNES games did you dislike the most?

My vote goes to Captain Novolin. It's basically a public health message, as the Captain himself suffers from diabetes and needs to eat the right foods in order to survive levels. The message is... interesting, I guess... but the game play is absolutely horrid. Collision detection sucks so badly, and the levels are booooring. Honest effort to try something different, but it went badly.
I would say Shaq-fu , Mario is missing and Pit Fighter oh My!

Honorable mentions.
Wayne's World
Ballz 3d
Out of what I've played Pilotwings is pretty bad buuuut it's not terrible
I haven't played enough SNES games to actually say. I've only played a handful over the years and most of time not even on an actual SNES.
Super Mario Kart
I would say Shaq-fu , Mario is missing and Pit Fighter oh My!

Honorable mentions.
Wayne's World
Ballz 3d
I haven't played Wayne's World, but I have the mental image of their huge, grinning heads in my brain whenever I think of that game. Just a little unsettling to think of Mike Myers wandering around with a weird, chibified body.
I feel somewhat fortunate as I somehow managed to stick with the good SNES games and avoided the bad throughout my 1990s adolescence!

Regardless, for the most part I'm not surprised to see the usual candidates toted as being the worst SNES game represented in this thread: Shaq-Fu, Captain Novolin, Mario is Missing, Pit Fighter, Wayne's World, Ballz 3D, and Drakkhen.

Conversely, Pilotwings is a somewhat surprising choice and I sincerely hope the suggestion that Super Mario Kart was the worst SNES game was a joke!

I'm a bit surprised that no one has yet mentioned Bebe's Kids or Space Ace.
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I got a few besides Mario is Missing and Shaq-Fu.. How about Mario Time Machine and Bebe's Kids.
Same thing over and over.
I thought it was something to do with the jafacake figurines when I picked it up.
The intro even gets you excited (showing parts of a women).
But falls flat with its shallow, un-fun game play.
The music was good though.
I'm a big fan of Mario Kart but it's always such a disappointment when I play Mario Kart on the SNES. I consider myself a rather good driver on Mario Kart yet I can hardly finish a race on this game. The controls are awful, the graphics are even more terrible. It's difficult to differentiate an obstacle from the road.

I have a vague souvenir of coins, but I can't remember what they were used for.
^ Heh it's still my fave Mario Kart game. Does not control awful just treat it different than analog controls and it works just fine. Like you tap the d pad instead of holding it like a analog stick in turns.

I hate most on SNES is Superman The death and return of Superman. I played many beat em ups in my time and while ok this game isn't really bad. It's functional. It's just dull uninspired and there is better ,MUCH better beat em ups on SNES like Final Fight and Turtles in Time.

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