Would you eat a Pokemon?


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Oct 22, 2014
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Kind of a crazy question, I know. It's something I always wondered about watching the show and playing the games. Pokemon are the dominant animals in the world, so it would stand to reason that people must be eating them.

If you'd like to know our answer, it's yes. :) We released a video about the Pokemon we would eat, in fact.
I have always thought to myself, "How do people eat in Pokemon?", because they hardly do and when they do, it's like it's their last meal. But even with that thought, I never actually thought of which Pokemon would be delicious to eat and what types of meals it could create. xD

Thinking about it now, I would have to say that I truly think that Pokemon Exeggcute would be delicious to eat! Just think of all those options you can make with the eggs! (I feel so morbid right now.) Another Pokemon that I would perhaps want to try would be Miltank. I mean... it's a cow... So, it's a bit normal, right?
I'd eat a Snorlax. He's a big guy and would last a long time. Could even smoke some meat for the winter, would feed the kids tummies full for a while.
No. I feel like once an animal's intellect has been demonstrated to be comparable to that of a very young homo sapien: they're off my dinner plate! E.g. I wouldn't eat ape, dolphin, or elephant meat either!

Pokemon in particular have reached the point were they can communicate with us in one of our own languages, even if they're just saying their name ad nauseam, and work with us in battle! (Although arguably it's bad enough that we make them fight each other for our amusement!)

Moreover, I suspect that the other Pokemon would know if humans were eating them and would judge us at best and at worst... *ahem*
@aboleth_lich I guess you would be considered the leader of "Pokemon Pita" or something that way you've made your points! I could definitely agree with you, but although all Pokemon are able to communicate with you, what would you eat? Would you just believe that people be vegetarian and eat vegetables? But aren't there Pokemon that are vegetables? See, it's really confusing! So I think eating Pokemon might be okay on occasion of course!
I think that you mean "Pokemon Peta," which would be the Pokemon equivalent of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Being the leader of "Pokemon Pita" sounds like I own a chain of fast-food joints serving up flatbread Pokemon meat sandwiches.

I'm honestly not super familiar with Pokemon, but aren't all of the usual non-Pokemon food options, that don't scream its name in one of our languages as you prepare to cook them, still available in that series? Are there still not cattle without Pokemon-level intelligence? And vegetables with no intelligence whatsoever? If I were in the Pokemon universe, I would simply continue to eat what I already eat in reality.
@crunchyg Haha, yeah we have been moving more into the weirder end of the spectrum :p Even though it's been almost a year since we uploaded our first video, we've only recently really felt comfortable trying out new ideas and stuff. This forum has been a really great place to get feedback on what we do :)

@Bloom Totally! They always act like they're starving each time they eat. And it does seem like they eat a lot of fruits and "donuts" it totally seems like they eat meat, too. So it must be Pokemeat, right? Exeggutor would definitely make for a few tasty dishes if you know what you're doing lol And there's totally people making Miltank ice cream and Miltank cheese in the Pokemon world XD

@Donkey Punch Now that's thinking ahead! You could feed a small village on a single Snorlax!
I don't think I could eat a Pokemon, I mean, from what I've seen of the shows and played in the games, you become seriously attached to them- sort of like a real life dog or cat. Everybody seems to live on sushi, donuts and sandwiches, I can't ever recall seeing anyone tucking into a nice bit of meat!
I would eat Pikachu because I know somehow I'd figure out a way to redirect the electricity within to perfectly cook him. Mmm. You know you'd try it. :D
@Natalie89 Yeah, the bond you form with them does make it pretty hard to think about actually eating them. It's like how some people can't eat meat after seeing the animals alive. And it's true, it really does seem like all anyone eats is sushi and donuts! XD

@JoanMcWench That is a very intriguing concept. Internal combustion frying!
I suppose so as long as the meat was good. But since you are to capture them for battle only it would make the dinner kind of awkward.

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